Learning the tarot.

I was chatting with a friend on Twitter the other day regarding learning and the tarot. I explained that after decades of reading the tarot, that I am still learning. As with most subjects and with just about any area of life, no matter how much you study and practice, there is always something new to discover because the world is always changing, new facts are emerging and different perspectives are opening. Coupled with that, you are always changing and so is your relationship with yourself and with the world.

Decades on, I still find that both my knowledge of, and relationship to the tarot is evolving. My understanding and appreciation of my tarot cards, my various decks, the different kinds of spreads, and my process of reading is forever expanding. And this learning might occur through direct and practical means such as attending workshops. However, learning the tarot may a subtler process such as something deep inside my psyche shifting and allowing new perspectives to open.  But one thing is certain, whether you are just starting out or have been reading for years, learning the tarot is an ongoing journey not a destination.

When I think about the process of learning tarot I liken it to walking the labyrinth. Walking the labyrinth is an ancient and profound spiritual practice that symbolizes the ongoing journey of traveling to the inner self and back out into the world again, and all of the wisdom, change, growth and rejuvenation that occurs from walking that path. Walking the labyrinth can be a very deliberate act, as in a choice you make to journey to the center of yourself, taking seeds of knowledge from the outer world to plant deep within with the hope of growing new fonts of understanding to bring back into the world when you return. There are places the world over that you can visit in order to physically walk a labyrinth. But the labyrinth is also considered to be a symbol for life itself, it is a path we are all walking that continually sees us journey to the very core of our being and back into the physical world again, and the sagacity that comes from that unending journey.

Learning the tarot is a labyrinth – an ongoing journey of internalizing awareness of the tarot, sitting with that knowledge and letting it meet with your own truths, a conversation of sorts. And then bringing back into the world any new perspectives that arise from that inner conversation. Wisdom from life itself, from studying the tarot directly, and from your deepest self will constantly inform and further your learning of the tarot. The key to learning the tarot is not just dedication and study, but also being open to the above process and any shifts that may occur because of it.




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