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Today marks the first newsletter for Weaver Tarot. As I mentioned on the blog, I will be posting a newsletter every new moon. Today’s new moon is not only in Scorpio it also falls on Beltane and directly follows the ‘Black Moon’. Black Moons and Blue Moons are flip sides of the same coin except instead of it being a full moon, a Black Moon is when there are two dark moons within a single calendar month. It is called a Black Moon because just like dark moons, when you look up towards the sky you cannot see the moon. The sky appears black, save for the stars, which tend to appear brighter and bigger than usual on the dark moon.

Given this auspicious celestial moment, the theme of this newsletter is timing and the tarot. I will also provide you with a Black Moon tarot spread to work with if it feels right for you.

The wheel of the year is just that, a wheel. It is always moving, turning and shifting forward through the cycles of birth, death and rebirth. This transformative cycle is constantly reflected in the world around you, you only need to observe the cycles of the moon and sun, the tides, times throughout the day, the calendar months, and the seasons. The turning of the wheel through the year can be celebrated by the traditional equinox and solstice holidays of the ancients (these are outlined below and adjusted for the Southern Hemisphere). I often keep these celebrations in mind when I am reading largely because they are tied to nature (these festivals were linked to the ancients’ relationship with the land, nature and the celestial bodies, specifically when to plant and harvest their crops.) For me, I consider having an established and healthy relationship with nature vital to providing grounded readings.


Samhain (Halloween) (30th April.) This marks the final harvest before Winter, when harvesting is over as the wheel turns into the darker half of the year. As such, it revolves around themes of preparing and gathering what is needed as you head into the shadows and the Underworld for a time of rest and reflection. Samhain is a celebration of death and transformation. On this night, the veils between worlds are thinnest. It is a good time for reflection on heritage and the shadow self. Activities often involve divination, fortune telling, cleansing, scrying and, typically, tarot reading.

Yule, the Winter Solstice (21-23rd of June). This is the longest night of the year. It is a celebration of birth and hope and a time for sinking into feelings of gratitude, and manifesting a sense of abundance in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Imbolc (1st of August.) As the wheel turns towards Summer, the days start to grow longer and preparations for planting of crops would begin. It is a celebration of light and healing. As such, it can be a good time to seek clarity, healing, and generate new ideas and begin new projects.

Eostre the Spring Equinox (21-22 September.) The wheel draws nearer to Summer, the balance between night and day is now equal, and the planting of crops may have begun or will begin around this time. It is a celebration of balance, love and fertility. Cut out what you don’t need and focus on attracting that which you do.

Beltane (May Day) (31st of October.) Spring is at its peak and is celebrated with a fire festival. This is a celebration of love, fertility, passion, creation, illumination and balancing the male and female aspects.

Litha the Summer Solstice (21-23 December). The sun is at its peak and this is the longest day of the year. By now the crops should be flourishing. It is a celebration of illumination, beauty and happiness.

Lammas (1st of February.) This is when the ancients would begin to harvest their crops and celebrate by feasting together. However, this is also a solemn time of introspection and letting go of things that no longer serve you. It is a good time for meditation and reflection on lessons learned and what you have achieved throughout the year.

Mabon the Autumn Equinox (21-22 March.) This is a time of the main harvest, an important preparation for the oncoming Winter. It is a celebration that centers around drawing inwards, honest reflection on what has and hasn’t worked for you this past year as a way of bettering yourself, and preparing yourself for the future. As part of this process, it can be an opportune time to make peace with the shadow aspects of yourself.


The cycle of the moon also reflects the same cycle of life, death and rebirth. The cycle runs from dark moon (no moon visible in the sky), new moon, waxing (moving towards full moon), full moon, waning (moving towards the dark moon.)

As you can imagine, different festivals or phases of the moon can be used to your advantage when doing tarot readings. A spread centered around starting new projects might be more potent when done at the New Moon or just after. If you were generally feeling bogged down, or if there was a decision to be made about leaving something behind, the Waning Moon period might be beneficial to your tarot reading. If you were wanting do a tarot reading about love, Beltane would certainly be a good time to do a tarot reading. However, you don’t have to wait for any particular phase of the moon or festival to do a tarot reading, this is just a brief overview of how taking into account the timing of a tarot reading can give your work that extra boost.

This newsletter is actually published for you on the dark moon and you might be wondering why? Firstly, it is important to understand that the dark moon heralds a time of just that, darkness. If you look towards the sky there appears to be no moon. It is a time of rest, quietude, healing, and meditating on the inner world on what you need to leave behind and on new projects to come. It is not the best time to take action if you can avoid it. A better alternative might be to meditate, allowing the silence and the darkness to reveal new ideas, different perspectives, wisdom from above and deeply held truths from within. This can also be a time when the shadow self is closer to the surface, so the more hidden aspects of yourself may have a chance to speak if given the space. Do not be surprised if the themes at this time center around letting go of what no longer serves you.

My newsletters arrive on the cusp of the dark moon and new moon so that any crumbs of truth that might resonate with you are available for you to ponder during this time of reflection, and perhaps grow into something fruitful as the new moon starts to wax towards the abundant energy of the full moon.

Do I write these newsletters on the dark moon? No. I will be writing these newsletters at the full moon because that is a time of illumination and extroversion. So hopefully these words provide you with a drop of full moon energy; enlightenment during the dark moon if you are feeling particularly lost.

As you can imagine, a Black Moon in Scorpio at Beltane is a profoundly powerful time of energetic shifts. However, it’s likely that these shifts will be subtle as will the emotional changes that may come with them.

The Black Moon can be linked to the Goddess Lilith. Lilith is one of the more misunderstood Goddesses. She will be discussed in depth in a later blog post, but for now I will provide a brief summary of Lilith and why she is important at this juncture. First and foremost, to clarify, you do not need to believe in Lilith as an actual Goddess to work with her as a symbolic archetype, nor do you need to be a woman. My services, blog and newsletter can be viewed at either secular or pagan. If you are curious about how to explore Goddess and God archetypes as symbols you may be interested in the work of Carl Jung.

Lilith by Susan Seddon Boulet

Lilith symbolizes the wild feminine, the part of our anima (the feminine aspect of our psyche’s shadow landscape, mostly subconscious but it can become conscious) that demands equality with our animus (the masculine aspect of our psyche’s shadow landscape.) Lilith refuses to submit or obey, and therefore she is rebellious in nature. She is passionate, courageous, loving, uncompromising, creative and mothering. Lilith cares deeply for the feminine and animals, and fights fiercely for freedom of expression. However, like any Goddess/archetype, she carries wounds. Lilith resides in shadows after being rejected for simply wanting to be her most authentic self and after demanding equality.

When working with Lilith, whether as a Goddess figure or as a symbol, she encourages you to embrace your wildness, your feminine, your shadow self, and to see how your greatest wounds can also be the source of your greatest strengths. She encourages you to love your darker aspects in a healthy and balanced way, to live authentically, and to let go of past hurts and beliefs that no longer serve you.

The Black Moon can therefore be a great time to sit quietly and delve into the shadows and trust in the darkness to unveil hidden truths at the right time. The Black Moon invites us to journey deep into our inner world and sit with the wild feminine, to look at how we might nurture our relationship with the wild feminine and our shadow self. As the darkness is amplified on this night, it also provides us with the chance to face our fears and find peace in the darkness.

The Black Moon, just like the dark moon, carries with it themes of loss, of letting go and clearing out things that may be holding us back. Although letting go of unhelpful attitudes and beliefs is important, it can give rise to a sense of loss, but with the energy of Beltane and all its joyful love coursing through at this time, trust that you are supported in this process.

As the Black Moon occurs in Scorpio, it may be an emotional time, but also a period infused with passion, wisdom, and curiosity about, and dedication to, delving into the shadowed mysteries to uncover truths we may not think to explore at other times. Scorpio also brings with it great courage and thus, if something needs to be cleared in order for you to move on in a healthy way, now is a great time to reflect on that and prepare for action at the new moon.

Given that all of the above is occurring at Beltane, there will be themes of love, abundance and balance available to support you.

The Black Moon spread I meditated on and provided below is to help you cut through any doubt and illusion as you delve into the shadows. If this spread calls to you, it will assist you in exploring the above issues, including exploring the shadow self and the wild feminine. It will also illuminate any beliefs or attitudes that might be restricting the expression of your wild feminine and explore how you might best deal with those.

This spread calls for you to be honest with yourself. For example, be aware that strong reactions, even if they cause resistance, can indicate deep wounds and thus be a signpost guiding you towards the potential for deep healing, self-acceptance and, ultimately, great strength. But in order to heal, you may first have to release things from your life and therefore move through a time of loss. But just like the wheel of the year explained above, the loss will pass and healing will begin.

This spread may reflect the parts of yourself you are normally hesitant to look at, but as one of the primary themes during this Black Moon is unlocking hidden truths to greater self-love, acceptance and expression, trust that the wisdom that comes through is for your highest good. Be uncompromising but also gentle with your exploration and any letting go.

In doing this spread you are examining the darkest, most hidden parts of yourself. Trust that only what is ready to be revealed to you will be uncovered. It can be an overwhelming time, so take extra care of yourself. You might consider doing this tarot reading as part of a larger self-nurturing ritual.

 General Black Moon Tarot Spread


[Card 1] What will guide and support me as I journey into the shadows?

[Card 2] What inner truth is ready to be unveiled?

[Card 3] What has prevented me from seeing this truth thus far?

How can my [Card 4] Anima and [Card 5] Animus help me achieve balance with this new truth?

What is the likely outcome if I:

[Card 6] Let go of this truth? [Card 7] How do I best move on?

[Card 8] Do nothing? [Card 9] How do I sit with and make peace with this truth?

[Card 10] Bring this truth into the light? [Card 11] How do I start a journey with, and incorporate this new truth into my life at the new moon?

[Card 12] How can I generate a greater sense of love to support me on this journey?


Lilith Black Moon Tarot Spread


[Card 1] How will Lilith guide and support me as I journey into the shadows?

[Card 2] What inner truth about my wild feminine is ready to be unveiled?

[Card 3] What has prevented me from seeing this aspect of my wild feminine thus far?

[Card 4] How can this new truth aid in my expression of the wild feminine?

How can my [Card 5] Anima and [Card 6] Animus help me achieve balance with this new truth?

What is the likely outcome if I:

[Card 7] Let go of this truth that I no longer need? [Card 8] How do I best move on?

[Card 9] Do nothing? [Card 10] How do I sit with and make peace with this truth about the wild feminine?

[Card 11] Bring this truth into the light? [Card 12] How do I start a journey with and incorporate these aspects of the wild feminine into my daily life?

[Card 13] How can I generate a greater sense of love for my wild feminine?



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