Cleansing and the tarot.

One of my clients asked me about how I go about cleansing my decks. There are a number of ways I cleanse my decks and my tarot space. Primarily, I rely on ethically harvested Palo Santo however, this can be difficult to obtain. As such, my other standard cleansing tool is a smudge stick (a bundle of herbs held together with hemp thread.) My smudge stick is made of dried sage, pine and lavender. The yarn is soaked in moon-water. Moon-water is water that is left out overnight under either a full or dark moon depending on my requirements. Once the tread is soaked, I leave it to dry then wind it around the bundle of herbs.

Palo Santo

To cleanse my decks and tarot space I light this bundle of herbs or the Palo Santo and bring them to smoking by blowing on them. I then pass them over and around the decks, and throughout my office between readings. During this process I do certain visualizations and ask for cleansing.  Some people have words they say during cleansings, others simply visualize any residual energetic attachments falling away whilst cleansing the energies they want to keep and work with during readings (connections to Guides or the Higher Self, for example.) This is very much a personal choice. Some people simply trust the herbs to do the work by setting the intention that the herbs cleanse as they burn.

Once finished I have a shell that I keep near my tarot table. I crush out the smudge stick in the shell, or if I am going to be in the room* I allow the Palo Santo to burn out there. The smell of Palo Santo is divine and I often let it smoke as I read for clients. (*Never, ever leave candles, smudge sticks or Palo Santo burning without being in the same room.)

Smudge stick and shell.

I also keep some sprays from Stacey Demarco and Sacred Familiar on hand to cleanse the space and give the energy that extra lift. There are also certain candles I have set aside that I burn during readings that are charged to provide clarity and keep the energy clear. A bowl of fresh sea water charged under the full moon also keeps the energy of the room nice and clean.

So, that is my short guide as to how I clean my space and my decks. Tarot is about more than the cards. Like any tool, there is maintenance to do on and around them.

North be true,


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