Sunday Weaving: Weekly Tarot Spread 20/11/2016

A simple three card spread.


Five of cups: There is a loss. Likely an emotional one. A parting of ways, a change in relationship, perhaps you’ve lost your job, or maybe you have made a decision that although is healthy for you, is still painful. What strikes me in this card is that this that it is represented by the story of Elaine and Lancelot. Elaine died of a broken heart over a misplaced love. Although you may be hurting now, find a way to keep your head above water because a five is also a crossroads. Whilst this ending is painful, it will allow you to move forward in a direction aligned with your life and soul purpose.

The Moon: Now is a time of emotional upheaval, both because of the loss we see in the Five of Cups, but also because there is something new coming into your life that is beginning to cause waves. What this new aspect is remains unclear, but you can feel it. Right now is the time to focus on navigating your heightened emotional state in a healthy way, and tapping into your intuition. You psychic abilities will be very powerful at this time and if you choose to strengthen them, you will likely have success. You are a natural psychic with powerful instincts, even in the darkest times. Whilst The Moon can indicate a time of confusion, illusions and even madness, it encourages you to work hard at finding your center and know what is right for you.

High Priestess: As your slowly move through the loss and the change develops into something more tangible, it is time to put those strengthened psychic skills and intuition to work to guide yourself through this new era. It is quite possible that this new part of your life will feel like a journey into the shadows and there will be a significant choice to make. As much as you might be tempted to look outside yourself for guidance, trust that you know what is best for you.

(The Moon and High Priestess are sister cards in the tarot deck. While The Moon represents more mature aspects of The Goddess and the psychic abilities, The High Priestess is still learning some of those skills, so don’t be discouraged if when this new situation arises you find tapping into your intuition slightly more difficult. It is not unusual for a change of context to change our relationship with our inner self and the energies behind the veil. You can do it; it just takes practice!)

In short: Now is a time of loss and grieving, but this is making way for a change. Emotions will run high, but you have powerful intuition and psychic skills that will help guide you, especially when the change arrives and you need to make a choice. Trust in yourself, you can do this, and you have immense magic in you.

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