Sunday Weaving: Weekly Tarot Spreads 27/11/2016

Lenormand reading 27th of November.



This week’s Sunday reading is from a Lenormand deck. For people who are unfamiliar with Lenormand it is quite a different card system to the tarot. The basic differences is that Lenormand tends to be more objective in its readings and tends to deal with the outer world, while tarot has a more split focus between the outer and inner world. Also, card order doesn’t matter quite as much. A Lenormand spread still tells a story but all the cards can be read together to divine an overall meaning. And perhaps the final and starkest difference is that the Lenormand deck does have what some people would call ‘negative’ cards. There are no cards in the tarot deck that are considered wholly negative if you delve deep enough.

Today’s spread had the fox, the bear and the key.

This suggests now and over the next year it is important to be cunning around money. You may come into conflict with people over finances and anything that revolves around what you consider abundance in your life. Be careful about how you use your strength to resolve these situations. You are feeling powerful but there is a risk of exhausting yourself. Make sure you spend time caring for you as well as the ones you love. You know you have the power, use it wisely. But be aware, there could be someone trying to sabotage you, but if you keep yourself grounded and eyes open, watching for any falsehoods or traitors, you will uncover their lies and have a positive financial outcome that will lead to other doors opening. This could include a spiritual awakening. Trust you are on the right path or soon to be walking it. Have you been connecting with your higher self? Make sure to stay in touch with your most authentic self and values they will guide you through these new opportunities that are coming along with this newfound wealth.

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