Sunday Weaving: Weekly tarot spreads 18/12/2016


There has been a sense of chaos to the energy of late. A lot of raw truths coming to the surface, old ways of thinking, ideals, ways of life and even relationships falling away. There may have even been a death. Nothing about this period of your life has felt small or subtle. There is a real sense of grief and loss, you are likely feeling somewhat vulnerable. Even if the changes around you have been positive, or what you were hoping for, they have still left you rattled and needing to re-calibrate… And that is what is needed now. Rest. As simple and complex as that.

It is a busy time of year and it can be hard to find down time, but both your body and mind need it. Even if you are just making sure to get enough sleep, eat well and spend some time outdoors with nature – take care of you and your body. Listen very carefully to what your needs are at this time and tend to them as best you can. But the key word here is ‘care’. This is not about adding another tick box to your list of things to do, rest is needed, but don’t punish yourself if it is hard to achieve.

Allow yourself this time of rest if you can because fortune is in your favor. Don’t lose sight of your goals or yourself, keep taking the necessary steps forwards but know that the outcome is positive and there are overwhelming external factors influencing this situation – all to your advantage. Although it may not seem like it at the time, try to focus on moving forward and letting go as much as possible, trusting that what is coming is both wonderful and destined.

Let go. Feel. Rest. Trust. Love yourself. Good things are coming. The universe is smiling on you, even in the darkest hours.

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