Daily Tarot Card Reading: 30/12/2016

Medicine Cards by Sam & Carson


Animal Medicine for today: Fox. Fox medicine is frequently misunderstood however, it is a powerful energy to work with. If fox medicine is calling you, you are indeed blessed. There are a number of gifts fox has to offer you: camouflage, cunning, adaptability, foresight, people skills and oneness.

Fox has also been associated with trickery. Fox can warn of trickery coming into your life, or warn against any temptation you might have to start manipulating people or, be less than honest in your approach to life. But the gift of trickery can also be a real asset. Fox medicine is very family focused (again it is family as ‘you’ define it.) Fox works hard to settle conflicts, provide for their families and keep everyone together and safe. As such, fox medicine is a joyous medicine and when combined with trickery can result in you being skilled at humor and entertainment. The gift of playing the humorous fool is a very powerful gift, it can help you deter conflicts and bring happiness to those you care about. It can also help you deflect danger.

Fox is hyper vigilant and will help you be aware of and avoid danger. You may even find your intuition starts warning you of danger before it happens. That is where the gift of being able to travel unseen and meld with the world around you becomes so important. There are big changes coming, most of them beyond our control. Work with fox medicine to become invisible, sink into the background and observe, observe, observe. Watch the world and people around you closely and learn from from what you see. Slowly but surely through this time of quiet observation you will develop the skill of advanced foresight.

Finally, fox encourages you to practice oneness. Through it’s medicine of camouflage, Fox has the ability to connect with the essence of all things and all people. At our core, we are all the same. There is a soul vibration and wisdom that runs through the forests, the oceans, and through all humans. Fox encourages you to take time out, meditate and connect with that vibration and observe it in the world around you.

Be honest. Be brave. Have fun. Watch and move carefully through the world, learn what you can and stretch your instincts. Be at peace. Be one.



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