Daily Tarot Card Reading: 31/12/2016


Card of the day: Judgement. A change is happening, or is about to occur and your world will shake. But you can already feel this change coming in your bones. Your judgement and intuition is almost without fail at the moment. This card encourages you to trust in yourself… And you will need to trust in yourself because no one can walk this journey for you. You have been through hell and back and have learned at lot about yourself. You are encouraged to take some time out and reflect on all that has been. You may be hesitant to do this because your mind is crowded with memories, some good and some bad. The bad memories are weighing you down with guilt and sadness. It is time to let go. Forgive where you can, resolve what conflicts you can, and the put the others memories and ghosts to rest. Allow yourself to be cleansed of regret and any nostalgia that is holding you back. With this change comes an awakening. Through reflecting on, and integrating your past lessons, you are healing and seeing yourself in a different light. This is opening new opportunities for you, but opportunities mean choices. These choices offer you the chance to live a new life and one that may be more authentic. Although making decisions can be tough, you can trust yourself to make the right choice at this juncture.

This card may be referring to the close of 2016 and the start of 2017. This new year is a change and a chance to start over, leaving your regrets in the past while bringing forth the wisdom from a life well lived into the new year. This process will allow yourself to live your life with greater authenticity and fullness.


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