Daily Tarot Card Reading 1/1/2017

Crystal Tarot by E. Trevisan.
Card of the Day: Ace of Cups. A new beginning brings with it a surge of emotion, namely love, peace and a surge of creativity. Your connection to the spirit world, energies of the universe and mystical forces are at an all time high as your psychic skills open up. You will find your dreams are powerful at this time. However, this opening up also calls for extra protection, grounding and cleansing. While your instincts will lean towards being generous with your time and care, just be mindful of taking too much on, or letting too much in energetically. The Ace of Cups usually means that whatever you give out to the people around you and the universe will come back to you – an ongoing cycle of nurturing. It is easy to get caught up in the joy of this exchange and forget to maintain the daily rituals that maintain healthy boundaries.

The Ace of Cups is a blessing from the universe, the journey to this point has been long and at time painful, but now is the time to rejuvenate and replenish yourself as many of your hopes and dreams come true and you are bathed and protected by loving energy.

The Ace of Cups also signifies fertility. It can mean an actual conception or birth, a new love, a new job, a rush of new ideas and inspirations, or any sudden burst of new growth and evolution. Whatever is coming your way, just know it is exciting and the probability of it leading to a happy and successful outcome is very high.

Finally, above all else, feel that love in yourself. You’re at a point where you are comfortable with who you are and how you wish to express it.

Be bold. Be loving. Be happy. Be connected. Be safe. Enjoy.





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