Daily Tarot Card Reading: 2/1/2017

Gods and Titans deck by Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton.


Ra is associated with power, growth, warmth, and light. He is one of the more powerful Egyptian gods however, if his energy is resonating with you today, this day is about ‘your’ power. He is calling on you to recognize your own power and honor it by stepping into it and living it to the fullest. At your core you are good, you are bright and you are full of zest and passion. Ra will work with you to help you rejuvenate and bring your inner light and power to the surface. This will be an easy and joyous process if you just let go and believe… Believe in his power and your own. It is all there waiting for you.

Ra is associated with the sun. To assist your connection to Ra and to your own power take the time to step outside and spend some time in the sun. Let the sun warm your bones and enlighten your soul.

As well as spending time in the sun, spend some time doing any other activities that help you feel free and alive, especially any esoteric ones that resonate with you e.g. spell-craft, meditation, tarot etc. If you are an artist or have been thinking of picking up a pen, brush, camera etc., there is no better time. Ra is also associated with creativity and will help you access that part of yourself and live it fully.

Be mindful of letting this power go to your head or corrupt you.

In short: Live! Live! Live!

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