Let the right one in. The power to choose.

I have been very sick with the flu of late. I am recovering but I have to pace my energy. For about three weeks now I have been cancelling and rescheduling clients. If the matter was urgent, I would refer the client on to a reader I trusted. I don’t like leaving clients in the lurch if I can help it.

However, there were some clients that were very upset that I was unable to read for them. There seemed to be three common factors that fueled their distress: a lack of education about how tarot works, the end of year rush, and the difficulty in finding a reader that they resonated with.

Choosing a reader is always a very personal choice, and often once people find a reader they are happy with they tend to stick with that reader because a connection forms and trust develops. The end of and beginning of each year is usually very busy for tarot readers, getting a reading is a very common way to celebrate the new year. As such, I could understand the disappointment and even anger from some of my clients. However, what concerned me was the clients pushing for a reading even when they knew I was sick. And when I say sick, I literally had no voice for two weeks.

Every tarot reader has their own way of working. In my case I draw from my own intuition, the energy coming from the cards, the collective wisdom of myself and the client, and any messages that the universe shares during the reading. However, when I am sick my connection to all of these aspects is muddy at best. It isn’t clear, it can be blocked, warped, confused, and if I am really sick and in need of an energetic cleansing myself. In the worst case, my own energy can be compromised and even be polluted. Tarot readers are only human.

I explained all of the above to the clients pushing for a reading despite my illness, and a number of them said they ‘didn’t mind’. I responded with a simple: ‘I do mind.’ Not only because I was sick and needed to rest, but because I was worried about the exchange that was happening.

In the end, I maintained my boundaries and didn’t read for anyone when I was sick. The statement I left my aggrieved clients with was: You may not think you mind, but think about what energies you are willingly inviting in, even after being warned of the risks.

As this was an ongoing theme for the last month I decided to share it on the last day of 2016. 2016 has been a pretty rough year for a lot of people both on a personal level and a global scale. Sometimes there isn’t a lot we can do about the challenges that come our way, sometimes the only power we have is to choose how we are going to face those challenges. However, when faced with choices in your life, and especially as we head into the new year, ask yourself: what energies you are inviting in and understand the risks because some energies once welcomed in, are hard to get rid of again. Not only can this affect your own life and health, but others around you. As a tarot reader it can be a lot harder to read for someone who is swimming in murky energy. I also have to work a lot harder to cleanse the cards and space afterwards. I don’t mind the extra work, but it leaves me concerned for the client and their boundaries.

In 2017 take charge of your life. You have the power to choose how you wish to respond to the challenges in your life, and in some cases, you have the power to choose what you’re letting in. Don’t rush, take the time to really think these things through, love yourself and know you are worth the best.

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