Daily Tarot Card Reading 3/1/2017

The Wooden Tarot: Skullgarden


Card of the Day: Ace of Stones/Wands (Wooden Tarot). Passion. Inspiration. Action. Energy. Have you been struck by a new idea? Are you feeling restless? Have you got an overwhelming urge to create something? Do you feel light a lightening bolt of inspiration has just struck you leaving you charged up and ready to go? Has a new and exciting opportunity just fallen out of the sky? Is your every instinct to grab that opportunity with both hands?

Listen to your gut. As always, be aware of the risks but in this instance taking a chance on moving forward is likely to pay off either in terms of achieving a new and exciting goal, or providing an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

A seed has been planted but it needs you to care for it if it is going to grow. A flame has struck but it needs you to fan it. You are more than capable. You feel grounded and stable, fully protected and in touch with your inner light. You really are ready to shine. Try not to doubt yourself. The universe has really stepped up today to offer you this energy and opportunities, what you do with them is up to you. It will take a lot of work, but if you really want it, you can do it. Your soul is hungry to move. Today is definitely a day for action.

If you are an artist or creative in anyway and you have an idea floating around, today is the day to START. Stop wasting time. Don’t allow fear or doubt to block you. The universe is offering you a hand up. Ride this surge of energy and get creating. And if you haven’t had muse for a while? Don’t be surprised if a bolt of inspiration strikes you today. Act on that. Even if it is one word or one stroke of paint, commit to action and watch the creative juices flow.

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