Daily Tarot Card Reading 4/1/2017

Earth Power Oracle by Stacey Demarco


Today’s card is drawn from the Earth Power Oracle deck by Stacey Demarco. I chose this deck for today because the energy out in the streets and online seems to be ungrounded and volatile. There also seems to be an ongoing theme of feeling left out, ostracized, doubt, a lack of esteem and a general need to conform. These are not unusual feelings when people are ungrounded and disconnected from themselves. One of the easiest and quickest ways to ground and slow down is to get spend some time in nature. Nature is not inaccessible. It can be your backyard or the local park.

The card drawn today is Lake Baikal also known as the ‘Sacred Sea’. It is the largest source of fresh water in the world. It is located in Russia. Naturally, the powers of water, air and earth come to the fore when you receive this card. There is various mythos and a long magikal history associated with this place should you choose to research it further.

The power of water means that it is likely that although you are feeling emotional and possibly over sensitive at present, those emotions are clear and you understand what and why they are. It is also time to spend some time alone as you tune into your emotions as there is great power there and a replenishing source of spirit.

Air is also traveling with you. Again, while you might feel that the winds are tossing you this way and that, that your thoughts are all over the place, if you sit back and tune into your intuition, the variety of thoughts running through your mind are actually whispering great and ancient wisdoms from various points of view. Taking the time to ground and listen to these whisperings will offer you the magickal wisdom you have been looking for.

At the center of the lake stands Olkhon Island. Olkhon is stark and rocky island. Shamans often travel there to perform rituals. Although surrounded by water and winds, it remains standing tall and timeless – a center of great magick. Olkhon reminds you to stay grounded and that it is okay to be alone. Your power is all those things that make you different. Your gift is your uniqueness. Being alone can be a great chance to recharge and doesn’t mean having to feel ‘lonely’. Now might be a good time to withdraw from the mayhem and people around you. Spend some time focusing on yourself and getting in touch with your own magick and the magick of nature. A good way to do this is to use Stacey Demarco’s five minute meditation which can be found at The Modern Witch and/or Natureluster website. And if you are feeling inclined, you can also offer a show of thanks to the Earth by lighting a small fire or using a candle (if it is safe) and burning a small offering of gratitude to the genius loci in your area. The Earth wants to work with you. The Earth is wrapping you in it’s secure and loving embrace… Connect with that and allow yourself to rest. Do not get caught up in conflicts that you don’t need to. Leave the drama behind and focus on what matters most: you, magick, love, and the Earth.

In short: GROUND. GROUND. GROUND. Take some time away from people to nurture yourself. Your uniqueness is your gift and your power. Magick is all around. Connect with it. Finally: GET OUTSIDE AND LET THE EARTH PROTECT AND LOVE YOU AND PROTECT AND LOVE IT IN RETURN. You are strong, independent, worth it, and very much loved.

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    • Thank you for creating them. They are wonderful to read with. They access a very unique kind of energy that resonates with many of my clients as well as myself.

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