Daily Tarot Card Reading 6/1/2017

The Night Sun Tarot by F. Listrani


Card of the Day: Justice. This card is not a nice card, but its influence is absolutely necessary and positive in the long run.

This card stands for justice, fairness, truth and balance. I often call it the card of adjustment. You may be at the crossroads of a major decision, waiting on a legal outcome, or some other decision that is hanging over your head. Alternatively, you could might be at the stage in your life where you are learning about the distinct correlations between past actions and thoughts, and their long term consequences aka., karma.

This card also calls on you to be honest, honest until it hurts. Be honest with yourselves and those around you. In return you will start to see through any deception, whether it’s the lies other people have told you or lies you have been telling yourself.

All of this justice and honesty is in aid of adjustment and balance. Justice encourages you to use logic and critical thinking as you move forward while avoiding rash and emotional reactions. Justice wants to work with you to find a balance between your day to day life, health, psyche, relationships and spiritual life. Justice encourages you to adjust your life so that your spiritual life is interwoven with the every day life and all the other facets of your being. Once you have inner harmony, your life will flow with greater ease and purpose.

The results of Justice are not immediate. While some Justice may be handed down to you in the next day or two, the effects will ripple out for a long time.

Remember: regardless of the justice handed down, whether you like or dislike the outcome at the time, overall the outcome will be positive for you because it will help you achieve that inner balance you’ve been aching for.


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