Daily Tarot Card Reading 7/1/2017

Haindl Tarot


Daily tarot card: Spider Woman, Queen of Stones (pentacles) in the West. You will cross paths with a woman today, possibly Grandmother Spider. Sometimes the court cards in tarot can be read as being part of the client’s psyche. But today the energy of the card is definitely that of someone new bringing new energies.

Her energy will be grounded, practical, mothering, resourceful, successful, and abundant in many ways. Her riches may be financial or emotional. She has a great love of beauty and is generous with her time, love and whatever wealth she has. She does not like to see people suffering and will always lend a hand to those in need. She will love and support you whilst encouraging you to seek balance and independence in your own life. She is very much a model for where you are headed on this journey.

And it is a journey you are on, as symbolized by the labyrinth in the card. Whether you are physically traveling or about to delve into an unexpected but new evolution of self, Spider Woman reminds you that you are loved no matter what, and that you need to take responsibility for your choices. Acknowledge how your past choices have landed you here, and think carefully about how your choices now will shape your future – just as if you are building a web and every decision and action will not only effect the rest of the web you are building (aka your life structure) but the people around you.

Spider Woman reminds you we are all connected. Stay compassionate and humble. Even though success is guaranteed at this point, keep your head down and your heart open.

A lot of people recoil from the energy of the spider. When reading tarot the two main animal energies I work with are owl and spider. Spider has been my totem for as long as I can remember. I resisted her at first but as I learned more about Grandmother Spider and the mythos around the spider, I embraced her medicine fully. She is loving, wise, ancient, creative, strong, intimate with the cycles of life and death, very, very protective and encouraging of the feminine energies. Spider is particularly helpful for writers as many legends credit Grandmother Spider with gifting humans the power of language. Others look to Grandmother Spider as the bringer of light and fire. Although fear is an understandable reaction, try to push past that fear if you can and learn more about the symbolism, mythos and power of spider.


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