Daily Tarot Card Reading 10/1/2017

Wooden Tarot

Tarot card for the day: The High Priestess. Stop thinking. Let go. Let the stress and worry just… drift away. Harder said than done, right? You’re in dark times. Lost, confused, desperately trying to make decisions but nothing feels right. You have the resources and the wits to make the decisions you need to make and forge the path ahead, but it’s not enough. You’re heart and soul aren’t entirely in it. And that is okay.

You can keep going, make the best decision you can and find a way forward. Things could still turn out well.

However, the High Priestess has appeared today to ask you to go a step beyond that. She is inviting you to step away from the crowd, if you can, and spend some time alone connecting with your instinct, deeper emotions and your soul. Let go of worry and conscious thought as much as possible when you delve into these deeper part of you. Much like the medicine of the whale, the High Priestess assures you that as you grow more comfortable with the unknown and even the darkness around you, you will start to ‘feel’ the answers you were looking for. These are the answers that will resonate with your soul and bring you joy. Through allowing yourself time alone to plunge to these greater depths of you, you will also connect with your own light that will radiate outwards and help guide you on the path ahead.

Not everything will be revealed. The High Priestess believes in mystery and timing, much like the energy of the moon. But as your psychic skills, instinct, dreams, and connection to the Otherworld is much stronger at present, take the time to listen and even develop these skills. You are more powerful than you imagined and if you wish to grow and strengthen the magick in you, now is the time to start.

In short… You are protected. You are loved. Relax. Rest. Listen to what your heart and dreams are saying. Don’t rush. Bask in the mystery and the magick. YOU are magick. Be bold and be light. Be love.

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