Daily Tarot Card Reading: 9/1/2017



Tarot card of the day: Ace of Wands. Do it. Energy, creativity, inspiration and determination are all running high. New ideas are bubbling up and giving rise to a wave of heated excitement. The outlook for the success of these sparks of inspiration looks promising but remember no matter how good the idea is, success still largely depends on commitment, determination and hard work.

Be brave and take a risk, it will pay off. But be mindful of not over committing yourself and putting a solid step, by step plan in place to achieve success. Use the fire that is burning bright in you now to burn away any fear and show you the path you need to take to ensure that your creative spark endures for a long time to come, filling your life with joy and art, art, art.

Be brave. Create. Stuff what the world thinks. Do this for you. Be smart. Be wild.

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