Daily Tarot Card Reading 11/1/2017


Starchild tarot
Tarot card of the day: The Sun. Beautiful. Bright. Clear.

There is a beautiful, new warm energy filling you and surrounding you. As I tap into this card today, I would offer the insight that this energy is less about pushing ahead and more about enjoying this new energy and letting it fill you up. Let the sun rejuvenate you and recharge your inner light. If you can. actually get out in the sun today, you will find it lifts your soul. Step out from the shadows into the light, stretch and feel the sun sink into your skin. Be cat-like, relaxing and soaking up the warmth even if it is only for ten minutes. If you can’t get outside, light a candle and sit with its glow. Feel how it vitalizes you and makes clear the path ahead. You know who you are and where you are headed.

The appearance of the sun in the tarot heralds good health, overall success, travel, joy, birth and abundance. It can even predict pregnancy or travel. Leave your mind open to possibilities, but analyze them carefully when they appear. You will find yourself both clear minded and logical at the moment. Whilst you may be full of happy and peaceful emotions, your mind is ruling your heart, for now. It is a good time for planning and getting things done, but once again try not to rush ahead. Your mind and all of its powers of logic, rationality and critical thinking are at the fore. Use them wisely.

People will gravitate to you at the moment. You will probably feel very sociable at the moment. Enjoy life. And even if you feel run down, exhausted and overwhelmed, The Sun is here to remind you that you are supported and loved. There is always a loving energy around and within you that you can tap into and draw on in times of need.


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