Daily tarot card reading 12/1/2017


Daily tarot card: Temperance.

What are you doing? Slow down. Stop. Look around. A lot is happening at the moment. Life is flying around you at a hectic rate. You are keeping up well enough. You are even finding yourself full of inspiration and bursts of energy. However, there is also a part of you that needs to slow down, to rest and seek balance. You know this. You know this because it’s likely you have been over indulging to cope (whether that be alcohol, food, over-working, procrastination – anything you find that sends you out of balance.) It is time for some serious moderation and get yourself back on track. You have been working hard to find balance but so far, it isn’t quite there yet. The Temperance card asks you to consciously slow down and make seeking balance and the replenishing of yourself a dedicated and mindful task throughout your day. Pace yourself and your approach to life. Show yourself and those around compassion. Through slowing down you will have time to examine your self, life and priorities and ensure your activities are supporting your life path and choices.

Through slowing down and reevaluating your approach to the idea of balance in your life you will find you feel more at ease in your life as you are living closer to your truth. That authenticity will attract other like-minded individuals. Communication, socialization and working with others will become easier and solutions to problems you have been working on will appear.

In terms of problem solving, there are a number of issues you have been facing of late. They are facets of yourself that have at times posed challenges or have been a mystery to you. They have most likely seemed at odds with who think you are.

These mysterious facets of yourself are magick.

With Temperance appearing today you are reminded that you are an alchemist. You can take opposites and contradictions – both within yourself and in your life, and work with them. Experiment with the different sides to yourself, learn about their nature, whilst creating even greater inner magick and achieving greater balance in your life.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and think outside the box. Slow down. Make balance a priority. Examine. Rest. Moderate. Find the flow and go with it. Stop fighting and start looking and listening. Let the magick find you, all you have to do is open yourself it.


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  1. Thanks for your wonderful post! It has long been very helpful. I hope that you’ll continue sharing your wisdom with us.

  2. It’s nearly impossible to find knowledgeable folk on this kind of field, but you sound like you know very well what you’re speaking about! Thanks a bunch

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