Daily Tarot Card Reading 14/1/2017


Daily Tarot Card Reading: The Magician.

You can do it. Creative forces are high. The universe is providing the tools needed for you to surge ahead with that idea you have been mulling on. Alternatively if you don’t have any plans or ideas at present, get ready because inspiration is about to strike. However as well as motivation being high and resourcefulness even higher, the energy of revelation is also at its peak.

Ideas and opportunities are being revealed, but so is trickery. The trickster is likely a male who close to you and possibly your senior. Your gut has been telling you for a while now to be wary of this person, but in the next day or so their deceit will come to light. Remember to care of yourself if you are emotionally hurt by the information that comes to light. Also remember that this revelation is ultimately a good thing. The truth will set you free. Once you know the truth you can start to adjust accordingly and move forward with a better sense of self and where you are going.

You have the ability. You have the energy. You have the inspiration. You have the support of the universe. And most importantly you have the TRUTH. Feel yourself grow. Spread your wings and fly. You’ve got this.

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