Wooden Tarot by A. L. Swartz


The Wooden Tarot by A.L. Swartz

I received a lovely gift in the mail yesterday (see the photo.) The Wooden Tarot by A.L. Swartz is by far my favored deck. Not only do I love the artwork but the feel of the deck and the energies that come through resonate with me and my style of working perfectly. I have been working with it since it was released.

My friends and I have often joked about nicknaming me The Bone Mother or La Loba. Whenever I go on walks or adventures I always find bones. I also love collecting bones. Whenever I read tarot I always make sure to have a skull near the deck. I find the energy of bones very soothing, grounding and inspiring.

So you can imagine my excitement when I first stumbled across The Wooden Tarot. The artwork was stunning and bones feature heavily throughout the deck. Even the set of pentacles in the minor arcana are represented by bones. And now I have a deck to keep for personal use as well as a Lenormand deck and an Oracle deck.

I dearly wish I could afford to be a collector of A.L.Swartz work, from their paintings to their decks. However, being the proud owner of this delicious collection of cards is more than enough for this little tarot reader.

Because choosing a tarot deck is a highly personal decision and comes down to a resonance of energy more than anything else, I can’t say ‘this is the deck for you’. However, The Wooden Tarot IS the deck for me. While I do read with other decks, this will always be the deck that is closest to my heart and soul, and the deck that I will forever sing praises of.

Thank you A.L. Swartz for your amazing work. Keep it up.

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