Daily tarot reading 15/1/2017



Daily tarot card reading: The Hierophant.

You are supported and protected. Now is the time to try and ground yourself as much as possible and take comfort in routine and structure. It is also a time for coming together with others. It may be purely social but it’s likely to be something more organized than that like a ritual, some kind of class with a well respected teacher or a movement with a wise leader. It is a time for learning rules, order and how they apply to you, and how you can make them work to your advantage. You’ll find that tradition and limitation can actually promote greater creativity and new perspectives.

A trusted teacher and leader will appear soon. Be open-minded as you soak up that knowledge just waiting for you. Keep thinking critically and be mindful of your boundaries, but resist the urge to be too stubborn or literal. The universe is waiting to gift you with teachings that will support your life journey by way of a trusted teacher and/or leader.

Be open to learning. Respect structure. Come together with your community and you will achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. Faith is restored. You are not alone.


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