Daily Tarot Card Reading 16/1/2017



Daily tarot card reading.

Today’s card is from the Earthbound Oracle. The energy of Illumination is in the air. Tapping into this card I feel like it is asking us to use our inner light and wisdom to light up the path ahead and even the world. This light will be uncompromising and will show us things that are pleasant, important and sometimes painful. We are ready to see these things. We are strong and we are powerful. We are also discerning. Remember that sometimes what we are shown is the opposite of what we need to know and feel within ourselves as our own truth. That is, sometimes the universe shows us the negative/false so that we can feel the positive/truth within. That is why it is so vital that we stay wise and grounded as we let our light shine. Keep those critical thinking skills switched ON.

It can be tempting to keep this light on at all times, looking without blinking or rest. While the constant search for truth is noble, self-care must come first. Taking time to rest can allow us time to process the incoming information. The inner light never stops shining, but it is okay to take a break from searching now and again and just let that inner light glow and warm your soul.

The culmination of all this new this new information will be confronting but will help complete a cycle of learning that has been underway for sometime.

Be bright. Be bold. Be wise. Be kind.

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