Daily Tarot Card Reading 17/1/2017

Eight of Wands from The Wild Unknown.


Daily Tarot Card Reading: Eight of Wands.

What are you doing reading this?! Go! Go! Go! Do all those wonderful creative things you’ve been dreaming of. You have a good grasp of how energy and the muse works. You know your limits and boundaries. All you have to do now is apply what you know, the universe will support you with an outpouring of love and energy.  You have moved past some major challenges. This frees up a wealth of energy. Inspiration flows freely and your goals are clear. A lot is happening but the eight of wands brings focus. This is no time to be sitting around. Direct this surge of energy towards your goals and get moving. This really is a chance to reap the positive of what you’ve sown, but only if you plan your path, and balance your energy carefully. It can be easy to rush ahead as all this energy comes surging through, but without the application of common sense and forethought, it can be easy to stumble and waste energy on poorly made decisions. But the eight of wands heralds a positive outcome and maybe even a trip by air.


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