Daily Tarot Card Reading 18/1/2017

The Mary-El Tarot: Landscapes of the Abyss


Daily tarot card reading: The Chariot.

Stand tall. Shield yourself. Keep your goal in site and in mind. Unify. Move forward. Use that surge of power you feel in and around you, and aim for your goals. You can and will achieve success, but only if you reign in your aggression, stay focused and work hard to balance any contradictions or struggles. There may well be confrontations and challenges ahead that draw your attention away. This is where you will need to be disciplined and have faith. You can do this, you are protected and full of heart. Balance your wild with your calm and be bold in your steps ahead.

Finally know what victory and achievement will mean for you and take responsibly for what will come after.

If you are an artist it is time to put your head down and bum up. Even if your mind is blank, the muse is coming for a visit. They will come with a happy but intense burst of energy to work with. Make sure to maintain self care as the muse is seeking powerful expression at the moment. It may be a struggle at first to follow them and understand the reasoning, but trust your heart and have faith. The muse knows.

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