Daily Tarot Card Reading: Five of Plumes (Swords.)


Stop. Hold up. Whoa sonny. What are you doing? Emotions are high and you are focused on the challenges and battles ahead. There is a lot of competition and you are surrounded by instigators all with different agendas. Be aware of how your ambition, aggressiveness and arrogance could be working against you. It is also a time you need to be aware of betrayal and personal attacks. You need to pick your battles wisely because you have already been through a battle, and whether you won or lost, the cost is the same. If you won, you feel bad for what you have done to others. If you lost, you bare the weight of sorrow and grieving. Given all the heightened emotions at the moment you may be feeling like you want to take on or save the world. So stow the superhero act, lay down your anger and righteous indignation and turn your focus inward. It is time to tune into your inner wisdom. Try and learn from the battles you’ve been through.

While this card may sound dire, it is simply a warning. You have plenty of time to stop any further conflict happening. Slow down. Be aware of those around you and their motives. Trust your instinct. Open your heart. Winning isn’t everything. Look within and try and understand what is driving you right now. Be wary of being drawn into conflicts you don’t need to be a part of. And even if there is a confrontation, know when is the time to pull out before people are hurt including yourself. It’s likely any victory you achieve in this moment will be empty, and any losses you sustain will be painful.


No matter what happens, this is a good learning opportunity. Keep the self care up and when you are ready, take the time to examine what went wrong, what went right, and how you can improve your approach next time there is conflict. There are more important things than being right. Find your inner peace and draw on that. Love will never do you wrong.



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