Daily Tarot Card Reading 22/1/2017

Statue of Liberty from The Earth Power Oracle by Stacey Demarco


Daily tarot card: Statue of Liberty

Today’s card comes from Stacey Demarco’s Earth Power Oracle. I am working with this deck today in solidarity with the Women’s March.

I don’t think it is any surprise that when the world came under threat from one of the most sexist, racist, aggressive, bigoted, narrow minded, xenophobic, homophobic, abusive, dangerously narcissistic, intolerant, power hungry pathological liars that it was the women who rose up against him, encouraging the rest of the world to join them. And join them they did. As I type this hundreds of thousands of people around the world are marching against Trump. And Earth needs them to march.

Humans depend on the Earth to survive. It is our home. And we can’t afford to forget that simple fact at this critical hour.

Throughout history women and nature have held a special connection. My PhD in psychology showed a very clear connection between the dehumanization of women and the destruction of nature. Both women’s rights and the environment are under attack from Trump, along with just about everyone else and anything else that stands for basic human decency, freedom, personal expression, safety, security, happiness and compassion.

Now is the time for unity and co-operation, people working together to help each other, to help the Earth and make sure EVERYONE has a voice. But in particular we need the women. The energy of the feminine and the energy of Mother Earth will be central to winning this battle against oppression and hate. It is important that we don’t forget to work with the energy of Mother Earth who is there and ready to support us, so long as we protect her in return.

As the women march today, along with all their brothers in arms, their footsteps are beating a heart-rhythm into the Earth beneath their feet. Conscious or not they are connecting with the Earth and drumming up a huge amount of energy, sending ripples out through nature and wakes up the genuis loci of that place. If we work consciously with the nature around us and remember that the Earth is conscious, hurting and mighty, we can tap into a greater power and help heal the Earth as we heal each other. While we stand for and protest on behalf of women, immigrants, gay rights, religious rights, people of different races etc., we must remember to count Mother Nature and all her inhabitants – from domestic to wild, among the head count.

Today’s card is the Statue of Liberty. She was gifted to America by Eduoard de Laboulaye after Lincoln was assassinated for his fight against slavery. Both men shared the same views on freedom and worked to abolish slavery. The Statue of Liberty was gifted to the American people with the aim of  inspiring them to keep fighting against slavery and for freedom for all. Her torch is held aloft to keep enlightenment and hope burning bright. Lady Liberty stands for democracy, sanctuary, happiness, freedom, and authenticity. She stands facing away from America and towards France. She originally welcomed refugees when they arrived by sea.

Lady Liberty is still standing tall this day as the women’s march beats on. She shines a light over all their passion and dedication. Her energy and the energy of Mother Earth will be there for you to look to and work with as this fight continues. Don’t forget the Earth is here for you, supporting, loving, nurturing and grounding you. If you can, try and remember to return the love.

If you wish to connect with Lady Liberty further, see Stacey Demarco’s guide book in The Earth Power Oracle.


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