Daily Tarot Reading 23/1/2017



Daily tarot reading: The Empress.

You are loved. You are love.

The Empress came up in every reading yesterday. The energy of the divine feminine is strong at the moment. This is beneficial in terms of whatever is happening in your life right now, and in the near future.

The Empress’s energy is softer than some of the other female cards in the deck, but that does not mean she is any less powerful. Her energy is one of abundance, joy, love, growth, nurturance, creativity and beauty.

If you have projects you have been thinking about starting such as an artwork or a piece of writing, now is a good time to start. The energies around are fertile and generous.

Be careful of giving too much of yourself away at this time, make sure you keep enough energy for yourself and take time out to mother and care for yourself. Self care and finding things that rejuvenate you and light up your soul – in particular artworks that you find beautiful, will help you on your journey.

One thing to note with The Empress is that her energy is not a fast moving energy, generally speaking. So whatever artworks or creative endeavors you start with today (and start can simply mean formulating a plan in your head) be patient and give them the time they need to grow and develop organically. Trust. Good things are coming.

You can do this. You have every right to do this. Create. Love. Be kind. Be patient. Grow.



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