Daily Tarot Reading 24/1/2017



Daily Tarot Card Reading: Two of Blooms (Cups.)

Love is in the air, it may be romantic or otherwise. Perhaps you have met someone who gets your creative juices flowing. Maybe a standing relationship at work or in your friendship circle is suddenly growing closer. Either way, emotions are high, you are happy and you are feeling and sharing love with someone you feel very close to right now. You may even be signing up to go into a partnership with them.

But there is a choice to be made.

Enjoy this connection – it is real and enlivening, however don’t lose sight of yourself and remember to prioritize yourself to ensure that you don’t become drained. There may be a choice you need to make about continuing this connection you have, it will likely come down to some something to do with you making sure your inner self is respected and nurtured. You may be able to compromise with this person you are finding yourself drawn to, but if not, it is important you stay true to you. Without balance, it is not love.



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