Daily Tarot Reading 3/2/2017



Here we see a Rainbow Scarab Beetle framed by a lemniscate and a diamond with two seed pods below.

The strength card is about knowing your strength, your passion and your wildness but rather than letting it run rampant, working with it through the wisdom of the heart to achieve your goals. The scarab beetle is sacred across many cultures but particularly Egypt. They are a symbol of incredible strength, transformation, rebirth, sun, air and earth. When combined here with the diamond which is both known to be an amulet of strength for warriors but associated with cleansing, protection and connection with spirit – we begin to see the ongoing theme of the strength card:

Know your strength is infinite and wild, but when woven in harmony with the wisdom of the heart to connect to spirit, you will achieve your goals and happiness with greater ease.

Love is strength.

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