Daily Tarot Reading 4/2/17


Nine of Plumes (air, swords.)


Owl medicine is strong. It is magickal and powerful. It allows you to see more than others as well as see and communicate with the otherworld. Owls are made to traverse the dark and are incredible survivors due to their keen instincts and wisdom. They are knowledge seekers and keepers. They know the secrets of the universe and can see into human souls. They peel back the lies of the world to uncover deceit and deception. Owls are also intimately connected with change, transformation and death. And they travel freely through the dreamscape.

At this moment you may be feeling overwhelmed. See how the owls are crowding in and that the central owl has a third eye, open and staring outward? It’s likely your mind is flooded with thoughts and worry. When you dream, your fears crowd in and you slip into nightmare.

It’s possible something has happened and you are hurting or grieving. Or you are simply finding yourself overwhelmed with life at present. However, because owl is associated with death, change and transformation, some of your stress may be linked to feeling the rumblings in the universe that indicate a big change is coming.

No matter the cause it is highly likely that most of your stress is psychological – caused by your owl thoughts. While that doesn’t diminish your pain or its importance it does give you the power to work with them. It would be redundant at this point to say ‘don’t worry’, rather it may be more helpful to think about the idea of ‘surrender’. Life is a series of ups and downs. This moment is simply a down. An up will come again soon. Sometimes it is important to feel pain and let it out in order to move on and heal. The trick is not to indulge it. Give yourself a set period of time to cry, scream, express whatever fear or upset is plaguing you. Once your time is up, treat yourself to a task that would normally bring you joy or at least a sense of calm and know that owl medicine is also linked with very, very strong protection and rebirth. You are loved. You are safe. This too will pass.

As for any disrupting events happening around you, take note of what you can and can’t change, do your best, but maintain self care. You are your priority right now.

Even though you may not be feeling a sense of love at the moment, the earth’s love and the universe’s love is a constant. Trust that as you move through these shadowy feelings. Do what you can to get out of your head, maybe get active and get out in nature, or catch up with friends.

An incredibly useful meditation and mindfulness exercise for releasing negative or distressing thoughts is below. Your mind is a powerful tool, it can both work against you and for you. In this short video you can see how your mind can help heal your mind and in turn ease your heart.




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