Daily tarot card reading 7/2/2017



Here we see three antlers (did I mention I love antlers? Because I love antlers.) crossed and forming a triangle. The top two points have what look like smoky quartz pointing in both directions. At the bottom there is a faceted amber stone also pointing inwards. (The felt into the card and instituted the identity of the stones.)

The number three is a powerful number across cultures. The symbol of three is the triangle. We exist in the third dimension as such, three is an important number in magick workings. Things are often done in threes in order to see them manifest in this dimension.

Three is associated with working together, over coming duality to multiply and cooperate to create a whole greater than the sum. Energies are coming together in this card to create, express, manifest and move forward, largely through the power of nature, love and healing and indicated by the presence of the antlers.

Three is also a complete, prime number. In math is linked with completion and strength. It is whole and marks the passage of time in that it has a past/beginning/birth, present/middle/life, and future/end/death. This is also why three is associated with the moon. The moon has three primary phases. Lunar animals are often depicted as three legged.

Three represents harmony, foundation and stability  – as basis for things to grow and manifest. The power of three is the basic structure of the world when understood from many magickal standpoints: heaven/sky, earth and water and thus is a very protective number. However, the threefold law can’t be overlooked, espcially when linked to the three of stones. As explained below, this is a high energy card, a lot of energy is coming to the you, but the energy is only as positive or negative as you have been putting out in the world. So making sure you are aware of this relationship is vital.

The three jewels here might also be seen to relate to the Three Jewels of Buddism. These are the Buddha (new perspective and own Buddha nature), the Dharma (teachings, compassion and wisdom) , and the Sangha, which is the community who follow the teaching. What is your spiritual path? How can that connection help you and those around you?

The combination of amber and smoky quartz indicates we are dealing with the lower/base chakras – powerful and grounded. Smoky quarts is for grounding, protection and transformation of negative energy into positive. It can help healing and aid understanding. A fantastic stone for manifestation and as it is facing both ways we can assume you will see growth inside and out. Amber is another big protector and healer that contains ancient wisdoms but for all it’s power is very gentle and calming. All of the energy of the crystals are pointing inwards and the triangle itself is also pointing towards you, as such we can see that a lot of energy is coming to you. However, this energy won’t disrupt, it will be harmonious and balanced and aid you towards your current goals. People around you will also be eager to work alongside you.

The antlers are those of a deer who is about three years old but as with all antlers still represent connection to the higher self and spirit. There is a connection with nature, regeneration, fertility, love, the forest, faeries, the moon, generosity, instinct and a grounded, authoritarian masculine power (only male deer grow antlers and in the original tarot card we saw a man looking out over the ocean at his ships coming in.) This is a great power moving forward so long as you don’t get ahead of yourself, arrogance and a lack of foresight can be a massive downfall when working with this much energy and possibility for manifestation. There is a lot of protection here, but it can only work with you as you make your decisions.

While it is positive to have the number three present and pointing towards you (lots of incoming energy) it also means the triangle itself is balancing precariously. Take a moment to be proud, but you need to keep working to keep things in balance with those around you and to achieve your goals.

As this energy and opportunities come to you, be aware that as with all change will come challenges, be prepared to accept help from unusual sources but be sure to keep your boundaries firm and keep in contact with the higher planes. Your guides/totems etc., all are present and ready to work with you. Use the instincts of the deer, extend those antlers and become aware of all the opportunities that are surrounding you right now. Make sure you stay open minded and communicate clearly with those around. Plenty of people have plenty to offer you at the moment – but that is why you need the power of three and the crystals to keep yourself protected as you work through what opportunities are best for you. Make sure to keep scanning the horizon and keep a long-terms view – at least a year ahead.

Take time out to ground every day. With all this energy buzzing about, you’ll need it.

Now is the time to keep working towards your goals, things are, or will be coming together very quickly. Keep planing, setting goals, looking after yourself, and working hard. Don’t be afraid of thinking BIG and BOLD. You can get there whether your goals are spiritual, business, personal or study. If you have been thinking about travel it is likely you will be heading overseas very soon.

Upright: manifestation of new projects e.g., jobs, spiritual path, study, travel, social gathering; energy coming in, reaping what you sow, harvesting resources for a creative or spiritual tasks; trusting instincts, courage, grounding, working with others, visionary, magick.

Reversed: energy being drained, unfocused, indecisive; energy blocks, lack of vision and or opportunities, lack of resources or confidence, feeling scattered and ungrounded, committing to something even though your heart isn’t in it, fearful, retreating from others, the energy going out is not constructive so very little is coming back, lack of planning and goals, out of sync with nature, a sense of security but at the cost of moving forward.

As a side note, here is a fun article on the psychology of shapes!

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