Daily Tarot Reading 6/2/2017



Earth Mother. Virgo.

Here we see the skull of a Saber-Toothed Tiger, the right tooth is broken off. Ivy, moss, and mushrooms sprout from the skull. As with all the Queens, the moon is behind.

The image of the bones in this case is older than the rest of the suite. They are weathered and covered in plants, not to mention the Saber-Toothed Tiger is from the ice-age. Bones are often associated with ancestors so thinking about who came before you and honoring that can be useful. The Saber-Toothed ‘Tiger’ is a misnomer. Most Saber-Tooth Tigers are not cats. However, for the sake of interpretation we will rely on the gathered evidence that suggests that they did, at times hunt like large cats – in packs of females and working together to circle and bring down their prey. So we know they work well together, create homes, provide for their family no matter the cost (see the broken tooth), and protects their loved ones and their territory. They can also be warm and playful when the area is secure.

The broken tooth might also indicate that The Queen of Bones has learned the hard way that confrontation, uncontrolled passion and violence is the the answer. An important lesson for learning to get on with her King: The Woolly Mammoth who are typically prey for Saber-Toothed Tigers. This has made her generous, loving and someone who enjoys seeing people grow. She has an abundance to give now that her home is in the soil.

The moon indicates water and receptivity whilst the rightward facing direction equates with fire and active. The Queen is well-balanced, she has a grounded outlook.

The mushrooms (that we also see on the Three and Seven of bones) are important as they symbolize sexuality and fertility as they are the fertile parts of the organism, they also grow in the dark so are helpful sources of food (if not the poisonous kind.) In some cultures they are seen as representing immortality. Across most cultures they are seen as symbols of magick and the strange and almost a certain sign that other energies are around. They can also be used as pain relief, immune boosters and hallucinogens for shamans. Finally they are always symbols of change – something is decaying whilst something new is sprouting.

The Queen and the King of bones both have ivy. Ivy is the plant of the poets, peace and wealth. It is also a survivor, hardy and a sign of strength. But just as it can work to bind structure together, too much can bring the structure down. It is about knowing the right balance to apply.

Finally, moss is a hugely important plant but often overlooked. It lives in the dark and damp, generally on the forest floor. It has male and female aspects that rely on water to carry the spores – no animals involved in reproduction at all. It has varied uses around the house from bedding to cleaning. Most importantly in the past certain mosses were used for bandaging and some mosses still have medicinal properties today. However their strongest association is with luck, money and tranquility.

Upright: protection of family members and family property, responsibility, creating bonds between people, good business and housekeeping, peace, luck, prosperity, healing, mothering, fertility, abundance, love, sharing, caring, duty.

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