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My Style of Hoodoo Rootwork and Personal Ethics in Approach and Practice:

In explaining this, there are really two basic styles of Rootwork to be concerned with. There is the Justified Rootworker and the Lady Hearted Rootworker. This comes down to what a worker will and will not do and one is not necessarily more powerful than the other, it is simply a matter of personal ethics. Lady Hearted Rootworkers are those who refuse to do any kind of workings that cause any kind of harm to anyone. They only work for things like love work, attracting money etc. The justified Rootworker will do workings that involve hexing, destructive work etc even up to killing people. I am willing to do SOME justified work but I have hard limits on causing people illness or death and if someone is not already actively attacking you, I will not do any kind of work against them.

The powers we are working with here are very real. We may not be able to see them with our physical eyes, but they are powerful and just as serious as taking physical action. If you would not be willing to do something yourself  and if you are not willing to take physical action in your life to support whatever working I do for you , please do not ask me to do it. This is because a big part of the success of a working has to do with how much you really want it. If you subconsciously really do not want something to happen and you are unwilling to put in any physical actions or efforts towards what you want to happen, whatever working I do for you will have a very low chance of success.

Whatever workings I may do for you must be supported by your own desires and your own real world actions. The things I do are very powerful, but they are meant as a support to your goals and desires on the spiritual plane.  I can help with the spiritual plane and I can help advise you in ways to change your thinking about certain things, but ultimately it is your choice as to how much effort and energy you are willing to put into making things happen on a physical level.  Like anything in life, there are no guarantees and that includes any workings I may do for you. I can tell you that I have a very high success rate in my workings and that I can credit much of that success rate not only to years of experience but also in only helping people who are willing to help themselves. Also like anything in life, you tend to get out what you put in and God and The Universe tend to help those who help themselves. So please keep that in mind as we move forward.

Though it is a common misconception, Hoodoo and Voodoo are not the same thing. Voodoo or Vodou is an ancient religion of the African peoples. While many of Hoodoo’s roots go back to the wisdoms and practices of African peoples brought to the America’s and put into slavery, it also draws from other cultures and practices such as various Native American Medicine Ways and European folk magic. I am a Hoodoo Rootworker and Root Doctor whose cultural heritage and ancestry lies with the Cherokee and Sac n Fox peoples along with Scandinavian, Irish and Creole. Though I have great respect for it, I am not an initiate of the Vodou religion.

Services Offered:

Diagnostic Divination

Before I undertake any kind of working, a diagnostic divination is necessary to discover what energies are working around you. This has nothing to do with medical diagnosis and I do not do any readings of that sort which is best left to a trained medical professional. This is about assessing the spiritual situation around you and taking a good look at how things actually are and catching things that you might have missed or are hidden from you. This is ultimately what will let me know how to proceed in helping you and what kind of working will work best for you. Before I can begin your divination it really helps for me to know what kind of issues you are dealing with or what you need help with in as much detail as you can give me. Like any good doctor I need to know your symptoms in as much detail as possible. So, when you book your preliminary divination reading, be sure to send that information along.

Once I have received the information I need from you and payment for your diagnostic divination we will either set up a Skype or phone call for a time that works well for both of us or I will do your reading and send you a full write up of my findings and suggestions within three days of receiving payment.

The price for diagnostic divination does not include prices for workings I may suggest or items of power I may prescribe. After I am done with your reading you will have my recommendations and suggestions in hand and a quoted price for what workings and items I recommend for you.

It is also important to note that when I do a diagnostic reading for you, afterwards I will also do a reading for myself to determine if it is good and right that I do any workings for you. Oftentimes if you have found me, I am the one who can work best for you, but this is not always the case. In some instances, if I get the strong feeling that there may be someone else who can better assist you, I will refer you to them. Again, this is rarely the case but it does sometimes happen.

You can find pricing for different types of readings here and I can give you your reading either over Skype/Phone or via Email. Either option works fine. :

Please choose from one of the following options based on how complex you feel your need is as any kind of diagnostic reading cannot be done in less time than this:

Half an hour: $50.00

One hour: $90.00

And hour and a half to two hours: $150.00

Areas of Workings:

I am happy to assist you in matters of love, lust, luck, money and finances, business, work, uncrossings, removing curses and hexes, blessings to attract good things into your life, restoring your nature and in all matters of protection and defensive workings. If someone is actively harming you or cursing you, I have a very specialized way of dealing with this that is extremely effective. I do NOT do offensive workings of any kind unless someone is already attacking you and again, I will absolutely not do any workings that cause someone to die. I will only use what force is necessary to stop them from hurting you further and to keep them from being able to work against you again. This is where the term justified comes into play. If I get the overall impression from talking with you and from your diagnostic divination that a counter attack is needed, if I feel the working is on the side of justice, I will do everything in my power to viciously defend you and put them on their back.
Mojo Bags or Medicine Pouches:

Mojo bags and Medicine Pouches are a common prescription for different matters and it is likely that one of the two will be a part of what I recommend for you. Every Mojo Bag or Medicine Pouch that I make is made individually, just for you and based on your energies and what you need in your life. No two bags are exactly the same because no two people are exactly the same. Mojo Bags are made from soft colored cloth which I pray over and tie up and they are intended to be carried close to your heart or your genitals depending on what they are made for. Many ladies choose to carry them in their bra while others prefer to wear them on a cord around the neck more like a Medicine Pouch. Some gentlemen prefer to carry them in their pocket. Unlike Medicine Pouches, Mojo Bags are made for a particular purpose and for a particular time and need to be fed with accompanying oil from time to time to keep their power up.

Medicine Pouches are always carried close to the heart and are made of soft leather on a leather cord. Their uses are different but similar to that of the Mojo Bag. While the Mojo Bag is made for a particular purpose for a particular amount of time and is focused more on working outside of you and influencing your surroundings, the Medicine Pouch is more closely related to bringing the energies it carries inwards and attracting those energies and medicine into your heart.

Prices for Mojo Bags and Medicine Bags will vary based on time and supplies needed. The prices below are a rough estimate and the high end would only apply to bags or pouches that either take a long time to create or contain rare and costly items. Depending on what kind we go with, I may need you to send me something personal of yours to tie it to you as I make it such as hair, saliva, blood, fingernail trimmings or sexual fluids.

Mojo Bags and Feeding Oil: $35-$150 Plus Shipping and Handling

Medicine Bags: $45-$200 Plus Shipping and Handling

Spell Work:

There are many different types of spell work for different things and prices and approach will vary based on how complex the issue is and how longstanding it has been. Some spell work can be done with only a photo to represent the person or people but very often it will be necessary for you to send me something personal for the best results such as hair, fingernail clippings, saliva, blood or sexual fluids. In some cases I may also need you to send me something very specific written in your own hand writing in a particular way. Doing this ensures that the spell is directed at the right person or people and only them.

Once we decide what kind of spell work needs to be done, I will have you send me your personal items in the mail. Once those arrive I can start your working and in return I will send you whatever items are needed for you to use on your end while I work the spell on my end. This may include but is not limited to: washes for your body, condition oils for your body, floor washes for your home, dressed candles, teas and powders etc. These items and instructions for their use will be included the price of the spell work. Also included will be any photos showing your working being done and any follow up communication needed to discuss how things are going. Unless something very drastic happens, I generally recommend waiting 3-4 weeks to see how effective the working is before determining if anything else needs done. In some very tough cases, spell work may take 12 weeks before we can reassess the situation and determine in any further workings need to be done.

Sometimes multiple and ongoing workings may be necessary for a time but this is very unusual. Like any good doctor, my goal is to get to the root of the problem, heal you, rid you of troubles and help you get where you need to be. Our best bet is to do it right the first time so we don’t have to deal with this particular trouble again.

In cases where you have wanted to rid something from your life, depending on the situation I may also recommend doing workings to bring something in its place. Likewise, if you are trying to attract something into your life, we may look at dead areas of your life or problems that can be cut away to make room for the new. Sometimes these can be included into one working, other times it may take working both at the same time.

Again, as an ethical Hoodoo rootworker I must remind you that though we may both do our very best and I may do everything in my power, I do not offer any guarantees. Sometimes we may try our best to bring about a very specific thing and fall short of the mark. To be frank, anyone who gives you a 100% guarantee is quite likely a fraud and you should run the other way. That is not how these things work.

Still, in my experience there are very few areas that cannot be affected by spell work and very few instances in which our workings will have no effect whatsoever. What I can guarantee is that I will do everything in my power to help you.

Prices for Spell Work will vary based on supplies needed, complexity of the problem or goal, how longstanding the issue is and how much time will be required. Because of this I limit how many people I do Spell Work for at any given time.

Price Range: $100 – $1500 (Most will be $100 – $350)

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