Daily Tarot Reading 8/2/2017



Here we see four horns holding up a garland of red crystals that I have intuited as garnet.

This has always been one of the more straightforward and joyous cards to interpret and the same stays true for the wooden tarot. The horns in this card are from the Addax. The Addax (otherwise known as the white antelope) is an antelope from the Sahara. However, it is now critically endangered and only survives because of its success in captivity. They are largely nocturnal and herd oriented, led by the oldest female. They find protection in their numbers and survive through their uncanny ability to track rain. They are also homemakers. Although they are nomadic, migrating in hunt of food sources, they will create sand burrows when they arrive at a grazing location. The social nature of these antelopes and their ability to survive against the odds certainly brings to mind the preciousness of family and home (however YOU want to define those things) and the importance of celebrating those aspects, especially when there is success in that area – which would be NOW!

The endangered nature of the Addax indicates that you have been through a lot to get where you are, and have worked hard to establish these new foundations. You have compromised, adapted and perhaps sacrificed a lot to protect what is most precious to you. You are aware that everything doesn’t last forever. That is why it is so important to replenish your reserves and celebrate what is closest to you at this moment. Even the horns themselves look like streamers or dancers – alive with the joy of whatever event, success or personal achievement has occurred.

All of the above ties in perfectly to the meaning of the four of stones which is primarily celebration, success, foundation and a happy home. It has also been linked to marriage because the original card echoes the image of a Jewish wedding ceremony.

The garnet also ties in beautifully here as it is both a root and heart chakra stone. As such it is very good for balancing and is often used to help the flow of kundalini. Garnet is used to help alleviate negative emotions, lift energy, strengthen imagination, bolster self-esteem, will power, and help with creativity and imagination. However the primary uses of garnet are love, and business success. It is often referred to as a ‘seed stone’ because it often has the colors of a pomegranate. This reminds us that while it is important to celebrate our successes, the job isn’t done yet. There is still a ways to go. Remember to keep some of that energy aside for the next part of the journey to help these seeds of love, happiness and security grow.

Finally, four is the number of balance, foundation, enduring, working with the flow of nature and of nature itself. The energy of four sits well in both the spirit and the physical world and often is associated with the otter and stresses the importance of knowing and owning your roots. While this may seem contrary, four also stands for change (the four seasons), but it is your ability to progress through those four seasons, and learn and harvest from each of them that gives you balance and the tools to create structure and foundations in your life. In astrology four is linked with the fourth house and Cancer and stresses the importance of family, security, nurturance, feeling and a loving safe home/sanctuary. If you have been looking for a new home, it’s likely it is on the horizon.

It’s important with all fours that you understand you are the master of your own destiny, all decisions you make will come back to you, whatever seeds you have you have you must care for, whatever successes you have are yours to celebrate. All of these factors are important to understand as you move towards the energy of five – the breakthrough change, crossroads and transformation. Now might be a good time to make peace with those around you. You’ll need energy as you move ahead.

Upright: celebration, celebrating with family/friends; marriage or other significant family/friend event, wedding, new home, foundations, balance, success; people coming together to help build then celebrate, harmony, completion, satisfaction and harmony. Acknowledging your strengths and all you have worked for, celebrate them and own them, you’ll need to be aware of them moving forward.

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