Daily Tarot Card 12/2/2017



Here we see a cat’s jawbone split in two, missing an incisor and possibly a slipped joint on the left – the same side of the missing tooth. (I have identified this skull as feline after years of working with and cleaning bones and skulls.) The bones are crowned by an unbalanced lemniscate.

Twos in tarot are linked with duality, choice, balance and instinct. After the initial surge of power that comes with the ace, the twos are linked to the upheaval this surge of energy can cause and the need to decide how to handle and balance this energy and what direction to go with it. The two of bones is no different.

The cat is rich in symbolism. They are renowned for being linked with magick, shape-shifting, mystery, unpredictability, secrets of the otherworld, intelligence and cleverness, the supernatural, watchfulness and most importantly for this card: protecting the home, instinct and resourcefulness.

Given that the jawbone is split, uneven, and that one side is missing a tooth, and that we are dealing with the energy of earth and a two, we can consider that there are conflicting interests. A jawbone needs to work together in order to assist eating, digestion and even cleaning (aka self care and nourishment.) It is these basic, grounding tasks that are of primary importance right now – home, finances, work, paying bills, eating well, sleep etc. Balancing your energy and fiances is a must, but there are choices to be made. These choices may be very practical (what bill to pay) or decision that maintain harmony around the home (when to speak, when to stay silent.)

You may have started a new business venture or are on track to achieve a new goal. But your attention, heart and soul are divided between two competing interests. Balancing these and taking care of yourself whilst you find your rhythm is important. Change is constant but not everything lasts forever. So while you work on this balancing act, make sure to take care of your energy.

Change is upon you or soon will be. It’s important to stay flexible and watchful. It is a juggling act between competing demands. While you can’t keep this juggling act up forever, it’s necessary for now to ensure balance and security. It is also a wise choice not to keep all your eggs in one basket at this point just in case one plan falls through. You’re doing well, your eyes are on the multiple balls

Mistakes have been made in the past (the missing tooth.) Did you made these mistakes with good intention (protection) or were you biting off more than you can chew? Either way, now is the time to learn from these mistakes and apply that wisdom as you strive for balance and walk forward.

Any carnivore with a missing incisor can expect to face problems in the near future (they don’t grow back). When you get the two of bones, it can signal big change and disruptions in the near future. Stay flexible, watchful, cunning and ready to adapt. Don’t be afraid to take risks but always make sure to care for you and your own first. You need a roof over your head and food in your belly before you can afford to take any big risks. However, the jaw does symbolize ‘willpower’ – think carefully about how you wish to direct your energy. You can navigate big change to your advantage if you keep an open mind. But be aware, jawbones can also mean stress – what are you holding on to that is effectively holding you back?

Upright: flexibility, staying grounded, balancing the material, choices to be made.

Reversed: unbalanced, in denial about choices that need to be made, not taking care of the self.

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