Daily Tarot Reading 14/2/2017



Here we see a mauve lotus flower with dew sitting on it’s leaves and a crystal ball or jewel, perhaps even a pearl or moon, at the center. Surrounding the flower is a rainbow.

Tens are a symbol of cycle completion both on a spiritual and physical plane. Whatever emotional journey you have been on is coming towards its end. For this moment, you are in a good, joyous and idyllic state. Enjoy.

Lotuses represent rebirth beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality and higher consciousness, and eternity.The fact that it is covered in dew gives us a hint of a new day dawning, that is another journey is on the horizon so enjoy this bliss for now. It also indicates a time rich with feel-good emotions. Given that all the colors of the chakras are there we can expect there to be a feeling of well-being, fulfillment and harmony across all levels of life and the body. At this moment all things are aligned. Rainbows are also a sign of gifts and fortune. Good things are coming to you. All your hard work is paying off. Make sure to keep your eye out for opportunities in love and business.

The jewel, crystal ball, moon, pearl whatever you wish to call it, at the center of the lotus to me represents spiritual wealth, connection and roundedness.  On top of feeling fortunate at this time you are probably also feeling more connected than usual to spirit, you may be experiencing an sense of expanded consciousness. This state has been facilitated by the stability and groundedness that has come from completing your current journey. Allow yourself to bask in the wholeness, emotional fulfillment and happiness. Your dreams have come true and now is the time to delight in that good luck. Make sure to be grateful for your blessings and share them with your loved ones.

Loved ones, family and home are central to this card. It is generally associated with a happy home. There is harmony, celebrations and even travel. However I feel that the presence of the lotus extends the meaning beyond family to speak to a happiness and stability that starts with spirit, works it way up through the emotions to then flourish through the other areas of your life. If you are looking for love – the outcome looks promising.

Finally, when this card appears in your spread, particularly in the Wooden Tarot, listen to your heart and instinct carefully before taking your next step. You have grown beautifully. Trust in your gifts and intuition to guide you as you move forward. Follow your bliss not the herd.

Upright: happy home, dreams come true, stability, love, connection to spirit, alignment of values and life, balance, completion of journey and/or goals, emotional fulfillment.

Reversed: broken home, unhappiness, disconnection from spirit, disharmony, intuitive blocks, bad luck, instability, emotionally drained.

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