Daily Tarot Reading 15/2/2017



Here we see a card that very closely resembles the original Rider Waite deck. The Eight of Stones has what looks like eight citrine wands flying through the air. Their tips are dark orange and fade to white.

Eights in the tarot are about owning and mastering your own strength, structure, limitations, and getting creative. Citrine carries the power of the Sun and is one of the few crystals that doesn’t accumulate negative energy, rather dissipates it, as such it never needs to be cleansed. It promotes creativity and helps clear obstacles. That is one of the key messages of the Eight of Stones: challenges are falling away, you are free to realize your dreams but things will be speeding up so be ready to direct your energy carefully. The time to act is now. If you have been thinking about travel, it is likely a short, whirlwind trip will happen. Just remember to stay grounded and still think carefully before you act.

Upright: travel by air, swift action, creativity, a time to pursue goals, activity, high energy, movement.

Reversed: blockages, delays, frustrations, opposition, stagnation.

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