Daily Tarot 22/2/17



Here we see the symbol for a waxing moon (also known as the maiden) crowned by a lemniscate and cradled by two half closed wings.

The Rider Waite deck image has a blindfolded woman holding crossed swords with an ocean behind her and a waxing moon above.

Much the same symbolism can be read from the card above. There is infinite potential here for you and new beginnings, but now is not the time to rush. Part of this situation is still in darkness. You need more information. This will come with both the passing of time, and your expanded willingness to see. You need to open your mind and become more observant. However, even if you don’t like what you see, you need to hold on to your current level head and keep your thoughts and actions balanced. Now is not the time to rush in or act on instinct. Those wings you have are powerful and gift you with great freedom but will only work when you can stretch them and keep them balanced. But with these wings curled in, you may be feeling indecisive and stagnant. It is highly possible that you are at a stalemate with yourself or another. You need to change your way of thinking and seeing and gather more information so that you can either come to a compromise, agree to disagree, or find a way forward you hadn’t considered before. You may even be feeling torn between two ideas that you think you can’t reconcile. You can and you will. Trust your intelligence and take the time to slow down and really consider and research your options. You’ve got this.

Hiding in the shadows and pretending like this isn’t happening will not help you. And while you might think turning a blind eye keeps you impartial, it also keeps you stagnant. Stop trying to please everyone. It is likely that when you make your decision you will upset people or even yourself, but it will be short lived and is better than staying stagnant. Just make sure to keep compassion in your heart even when you are acting from a place of logic. Now is not the time for unnecessary conflict or drama. If you stay still, you will just grow to feel agitated and may miss opportunities that you know are within your reach. You can feel them there, lapping at your heels. What are you afraid of? What truth don’t you want to see?

The number two in tarot is associated with balance, receptiveness, choice, duality, contrast, identity, gentle negotiation, crossroads, expanding consciousness, partnerships and at times, extremes – usually in the pursuit of finding identity. It can also be the number of creative and psychic initiation depending on the choices you make and what your karma is.

Open your eyes and your mind. Trust yourself. Unfurl your wings and make your decision from a place of knowledge and logic. You future awaits.

Upright: Indecision, choices, stalemate, blocked emotions, rigidity, turning a blind eye.

Reversed: Conflict, lies, confusion, information overload, the beginning of movement but is it in the right direction?

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