Daily Tarot Reading 25/2/2017



Here we see three antlers clashing. This is one of the more straightforward tarot cards to read. It symbolizes conflict leading to change. The conflict might come from competition, from like-minded individuals, an expansion of business, a loss, or even from within. Regardless of where this conflict arises from, the five of stones asks you to stop wasting energy on butting heads but rather use all that energy flying around (and this is a HIGH energy card) and use it to look at where the differences lie, what you can learn from it, where your boundaries are, how you can adapt and how you can move forward. This will be a time of profound change so there is no use fighting that, rather look at how the ‘problem’ can potentially be the ‘solution’. There will be both gains and losses at this time and it is likely both will help you, in time.

Upright: conflict, tension, competition, wasted energy, change.

Reversed: Negotiating conflict,clear path, goal focus, energy focus, change.

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