Daily Tarot Reading 26/1/17




Here we see a male Luna Moth (as indicated by his antennae) with a skull on his head and a lemniscate made from what appears to be the Tree of Life. It is without a trunk and roots it continues to flower and bud.

The Magician resonates to the power of one. One is creation, reveal, change, personal power, the source of our power, the point of our sacrifices, goals, focus, will, purpose, initiation, ambition, force, and the duality of beginnings and endings. It symbolizes completion just as surely as it symbolizes beginnings. It encourages us to understand and respect the nature of change but embrace our powers of concentration, ambition, and align our body, heart, and mind to achieve our potential – our potential being limitless. Anything you set your mind to, you can do. Our potential and ability for understanding is limitless, but there are some aims that are more helpful than others, specifically those aligned with your prime purpose.

The Luna Moth is one of the largest moths but has one of the shortest lifespans, only surviving a week after emerging. They don’t eat. Their prime purpose is to procreate then die. As such, they have frequently been held up as symbols of love. This suggests that holding the intention of love in your heart is integral as you move forward on your journey.

The Luna Moth has two sets of wings, the hind wings tapering down to confuse predators. Both sets of wings have ‘eye’ markings, which also distract predators. Naturally, they are only active at night. Moths have long been a symbol of transformation, that is no different in this case.

When The Fool starts his journey the first person he meets is The Magician. He reveals how to use the four elements (earth, fire, air and water – also the four suits of the tarot) can be used to create impossible beauty out of seemingly nothing. He is a catalyst for The Fool to think about how he wants to use the elements he carries with him and inside him. He knows he has the power, the will, the potential but how will he apply them? The Magician knows you can do it, that you have the creativity and power, and that you have been doing a great job so far. The task at hand is to see that for yourself and start manifesting the life you want.

While love and faith is an integral part of the equation, make sure to keep your intentions pure. The hidden set of eyes, the Luna Moth’s power of disguise and unwavering devotion to the moon indicates that there are mysteries still to be revealed. It could be simple truths emerging, or perhaps it comes out The Magician has ulterior motives? The Magician is also about the ‘big reveal’. Mysteries and truths are unveiled. This can warn us of tricksters in our mists or changes ahead. Perhaps we have been deceiving ourselves. Whilst you have the power to navigate and shape reality, getting in touch with your intuition is a vital step on this journey and that is why the High Priestess comes in at Major Arcana number two. But for now, look at the power and tools you have in your had, think about how you want your life to be, and start manifesting. The Magician card is a great card for seeing wishes and dreams come true.

A lot of new energy and ideas will be coming in at this time. It can be exciting and seductive, however make sure that no one is feeding off your energy. Keep both your intentions and connections as clean and as pure as you can. This will help you focus your will and get things moving.

The presence of the skull reminds us that just as we create something, we destroy something else. This reminds us of the responsibility that comes with being ‘magicians’ and the intimate nature between life and death.

It’s likely that you will be feeling this surge of energy, it could be rocky or scary, but try and ground yourself as best you can and harness this energy for your own goals. With the infinite symbol beneath you made of the Tree of Life you are secure. You have all that you need to go forward on your journey. Be inspired by beauty to create beauty. You are a wellspring of potential and even if you don’t feel that now, a change is coming that will show you just how powerful you are. You’ve got this. Be brave. Be excited. Dream big. Follow those dreams with all the passion you can muster. Focus. Focus. Focus.

Upright: Personal power, manifestation, focus, will, change, resources and resourcefulness.

Reversed: Deceit, a lack of focus, hidden talents and resources, stagnation.


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