Daily Tarot Card Readings 22/2/17



Here we have what appears to be the bones of human hand but with six fingers.

The number six is largely connected with harmony, balance, security, beauty, love and the idea of being present and conscious about your place in the cycle of life and death – no matter how secure… or not, you are. This is because much like the Rider Waite card that pictured beggars and nobility, we can’t reasonably tell if this hand is the hand being generous and sharing its bounty or reaching out to receive alms.

Either way, there is a transaction of energy here. Either you have enough to share and may need to do so in order to balance your own energy. Or perhaps you are in need of some funds or other kind of bounty and need to speak your truth and ask for help.

Trust that the money, energy, love… whatever it is you require, is there. There is more than enough to go around and in this case (as evidenced by the sixth finger), the sharing of energy and fortune will be just.

However, if you are in the position to give, don’t be frivolous with your generosity. Give what you reasonably can without jeopardizing your own security and remember that wealth is not only measured in dollars but love and presence. Also be careful of not becoming prideful or smug because of your wealthier position. We have all been in positions of need from time to time.

If you are in the position where you need to ask for help, ask honestly and without shame, but also without expectation. No one is obliged to help you but at the same time, we all need a hand now and again. Also, make sure that this is a short term solution. It is always better to develop self sufficiency as soon as you are able. Dependency, desperation and submissions won’t help you grow in the long run.

Trust that the universe provides and that there is enough to go around, but make sure you put in the work to capitalize and build on that awareness to help yourself and others.

Upright: Stability, wealth, beauty, sharing, generosity, rebalancing energies, what is needed is provided.

Reversed: Impoverished, selfish, impure intent, ego, poverty, debt.

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