Daily Tarot Reading 1/3/2017



Here we see the God of Blooms. The Gods in the Wooden Tarot represent the Aces. I wont be ascribing gender to the God cards. The triangle here is pointed downward indicating both the receptive energies of this card and the alchemical symbol for water. The amber eye is cast slightly down as mist and waves curl around their shoulders. They are dressed in muted blue and green robes as their hands (understood to be the hands of God in the traditional Rider Waite deck) maintain the hand gesture forĀ Varada Mudra; the hand gesture of wish granting and mercy, and the other of what appears to be drawing water/blooming lotus. Hovering between their hands is the traditional flower of the Ace of Cups: the pink lotus (supreme lotus), bursting with more water.

Aces are in my view both the beginning and the end of every suit. They are the spark and seed of energy and life from which all things end and return. They are raw and unformed. They have a basic nature (in this case, water and emotion) but it is up to you and the choices you make on your journey to shape them. They provide the surge of energy, hope, passion, inspiration and feeling. They open doors to different possibilities, unlock different potentials and offer new paths to different futures. However it is up to you to harness that energy and guide it. But no ace, element or direction is without pitfalls. That is why it is important to be aware of the element you’re working with so you can navigate it carefully when times get rough.

The re-conceptualizing of the aces as Gods is particularly fitting as the hands in the ace cards were always considered to be the hand of God. And in the Rider Waite deck, the chalice that it was holding was considered to be the Holy Grail that was overflowing with five streams of water representing the five senses. The chalice was an offering of wishes and joyous emotion, the lotus is no different.

The God holds a pink lotus flower between his hand gestures which stand for granting wishes and summing water and lotus. The pink of the lotus indicates its supreme nature – the highest sought after of all lotus in the quest for spiritual enlightenment. As above, wishes and joy are coming to you, along with a surge of emotion. What will you do with these gifts? The lotus flower is rich with meaning and symbolism. It is a beautiful flower that grows and floats atop the water, and more often than not that water is stagnant. Lotus reminds us that to emerge from the bog of our lives it most often isn’t rage and brute strength that sees us victorious, but rather calm persistence. Egyptians saw as death and rebirth and fertility and creativity. The very first flower. Buddhists see them as the chakras. Bhudda used the lotus to purify and achieve beauty, peace and harmony. The important lesson of lotus is not getting bogged down in water, it thrives on emotion and creativity. It lets the currents pass by as it floats and grows, focusing on purity and beauty. It teaches the lessons of transcendence, grace, clarity, victory, promise spirituality, dreams, hope, strength, compassion, transmutation, magick, and the lessons and cycles of life and the healing power of beauty. And that beauty can be messy, or that from great mess can emerge beauty and purity. It teaches us not to judge and to find our many, many blessings within the hidden places.

The God of Blooms is often associated with love, wishes and fertility – as indicated by the lotus he is holding out for you and the hand gestures. Don’t be surprised if you find a deep connection growing with another individual. Remain aware and thoughtful, don’t relinquish your boundaries that keep you safe, but consider opening your heart to new possibilities. Whatever the situation, love will be at the heart of it. It will either be a swell of romantic love or some other kind of love – it can even be a creative love. Something that makes your heart soar. As with anything creative and loved filled, this is also a fertile time. It can mean literal pregnancy or fertile with potential. Either way, opportunities are opening – and quickly. The God of Blooms is fast moving energy and anything that is meant to be will happen within a week or so.

Even if you are not feeling any swell of love or creativity yet, a seed has been planted that will grow into either love, a creative idea, psychic gifts or a vibration of attraction that draws gifts and opportunities from other places.

Lotus is very much about dreams and developing intuition and psychic skills. If you are an empath you might find this skill also starts to open up and strengthen as you journey with the God of Blooms. Don’t be surprised if your skills of divination skyrocket and you dream a lot more.

Just make sure to look at how your emotions and psychic gifts are working for you in your life. Are there any blocks you need to clear? Do you need to forgive? Reconnect? Ground? Cleanse? How can you regain balance and peace at this time? Although your emotions may be flowing outward you might find you need some time alone. Self expression is important at this time, especially for you emotions. Finding a safe outlet for what your feeling will help you surf the upcoming currents.

Whatever happens, now is the time to be connecting with spirit and heart. A time of deep compassion for yourself and others. Don’t push too hard, allow yourself and that around you to go with the flow, offer any guidance and direction with love. Love is your power now. From love abundance, creativity, relationships, joy and success will flow quickly.

Eyes are another symbol with a wealth of meaning. I interpreted the eyes on the Gods in the Wooden Tarot as being a third eye, of sorts. Quite literally, the Eye of God – his watchfulness, authority, divinity and judgement. The eye of God here opens up a new ways of seeing consciousness, the cosmos, across dimensions and new directions. Eyes often stand for prophesy. Essentially, the eye of the God of Blooms is looking out over your journey through the suit of water. They see all the possibilities and the different paths you can take. But they will not interfere. Simply observe. But even observation can guide you just through knowing that you are not alone, you are protected and you are loved… you ARE love. Eyes are also the gateway to the soul, the seat of creation, beginnings and the start of love.

As you are offered this great gift of love, inspiration and joys feeling and energy, try to be both mindful of your souls journey and how you would like to develop through life… and also enjoy the hell out of it. This is a truly beautiful card and The God of Blooms is a truly loving and wise companion. All those dreams, wishes and hopes you have held close to your breast now have the opportunity to make them happen. Make sure you stay grounded and see the beauty in the journey. Don’t fight the flow too much and joy will be yours.

Upright: Love, compassion, inspiration, fertility, connection, beauty, wishes, dreams, surge of emotion.

Reversed: Stagnant, short sighted, repressed emotion, fighting the flow, a need to cleanse, emotional turmoil.

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