Daily Tarot Card Reading 2/03/2017



Here we see a male Mallard Duck with two eyes on one side of its head swimming away across the water leaving a trail of six feathers.

In tarot the sixes are the calm returning after the chaos of fives. You are working towards balance and have likely found a solution to your questions, but that does not mean that solution comes without losses or costs. Here we see the duck swimming away to quieter waters and leaving problems behind, but in leaving the chaos behind, he has lost parts of himself. These were parts he had to lose in order to move on, but it means you are probably grieving and sad. You know the path you are taking is for the best and protects your inner child, all your instincts have lead you this way, but it was not an easy choice. And don’t think by exiting an unhealthy situation that you are being a coward and running away. Sometimes the best thing you can do is leave.

Gentle on you. Give yourself time to grieve. Keep moving but focus on balancing your inner and outer worlds with equal care. Two eyes stands for focusing on the inner and outer worlds and this plane of existence. However, it does indicate you could still only be focusing on one side of your journey – where you have been. You may be ruminating about it. Don’t. Where you are headed is a better situation for you. Look towards your destination as hope and joy lies there. However, also take some time to look at your own thoughts and beliefs, working out what to leave behind as you make this journey. You don’t need the extra baggage. Use your newly clear mind to take decisive action.

You may find that this card indicates an actual journey over water.

Upright: Journey away from chaos. Hard decisions. Trip by water. Regret. Moving towards better things.

Reversed: Stagnation. Despair.

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