Tarot Prompted Poetry #PINPSaturday


During the month of March I will be partaking in the #PINPSaturday challenge on Instagram. This is a challenge where artists and tarot readers use specific tarot cards for a post it sized poem. I am also using my favorite book of poetry: Plainwater by Anne Carson. The tarot deck I am using is the Haindl.

A group of us followed a similar challenge during February and it resulted in some spectacular poems and new friendships. We have a great little community and anyone is welcomed to join.

The prompts are:

4th of March: The Magician.

11th of March: Ace of Wands.

18th of March: The Star.

26th of March: Nine of Disks/Pentacles.

Then post your poem across social media with the tag #PINPSaturday. The aim is simply to encourage creativity, spark new ideas and meet new people. Oh, and of course have fun!

This is a prime example of art and tarot coming together to create something new.

You can see more of my post it note poetry work here: https://www.instagram.com/wintherweaver/

Credit goes to Jodi Cleghorn for designing the challenge.


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