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Here we see the skull of a wolf that has an eye and is drifting away in shards of feathered bone. In the wolf’s jaw is the Moon with water/saliva running down it.

The Moon is the eighteenth tarot card in the deck. This fits with the Saros eclipse cycle of the Sun and Moon – the balance of light and shade chasing one another as the moon travels through space. The number 18 also brings us back to 1+8=9 – the energy of the Hermit. This encourages us to spend some time alone and journey within, in particular examining the nature of your shadow self and how it projects on to the world. It can be a daunting task at first, but understanding your shadow can mean you have less fear and anxiety in general.

In the Rider Waite tarot deck, The Moon looms large in the sky with rays and dew drops floating down over a landscape governed by two large, closed off towers that sit either side of a river that runs down to the sea. On one bank is a wolf. On the other is a dog. In the sea is a crayfish. The dog and the wolf represent the tension between our tamed selves and our wild. In The Wooden Tarot, the wolf has their jaws ajar and drooling over The Moon in their mouth – but not biting. For now they are acting tame and almost protective, but their instincts for the wild are there. And with their eyes on you they are watching how you sit with the fact you have no control here other than to surrender to the guidance of the Moon. As you work to come to a place of peace with the shadows and the unknown, they are seeing if you can stay true to yourself and resist the urge to give into your fears.

The Wolf with his jaws around the Moon could also relate to the Norse Myth in which the wolf Hati chases the Moon across the sky. He will only succeed at the time of Ragnarok: the end and rebirth of the world and all the Gods and Goddesses. In this moment the wolf has caught the Moon but is not biting down. But he could. And that is the level of uncertainty and fear that can come when The Moon tarot card appears in your spread. That is why maintaining self care at this time is so important. While you may not have a lot of control over the situation around you, you can work to take care of you. The Moon is also linked with mental health. If you are living with mental health issues, these can be exasperated at this time so make sure to seek support if you need it and keep up to date with medications, sleep and a healthy diet. This advice stands for anyone who gets The Moon card. Emotions are amplified at this time and thoughts are probably scattered. Be careful that you are not letting your imagination run away with you and be on guard for accepting illusions. Try to keep a clear mind and weigh the facts, but you may simply just have to accept that you don’t have all the information yet.

The two Towers in the Rider Waite deck are said to symbolize an illusion of safety. That same idea is represented here as the Moon is perched between the wolf’s jaw. The wolf is is a skull, seemingly not alive and therefore not a threat, but the presence of saliva and the eyeball indicate that security is just an illusion. Going forth under the light of the Moon demands you trust, be aware and stay safe, but trust. You may find yourself out of your comfort zone but as the old saying goes, the best way out is through. It might be scary but it is also the best place to grow. Take the opportunity to do some internal work.

The water that runs down from the jaws and the Moon peeling away in dew and beams shaped like Yodh indicate that this is a time of emotions, illusion, and even deception. You are asked to move through this darkened journey with the aim of seeking balance and a deeper connection with the mysteries of the universe and collective soul. As your subconscious and shadow self start to slowly unfold and messages come through from spirit, you may be finding yourself getting carried away with fantasy or imagination. As such, taking the time to ground and cleanse yourself and your energy at the moment will be beneficial to seeing your way through this murky period. Now is not a time for big decisions. Now is the time for surrendering to the flow and observing yourself and those around you. You are being offered the opportunity to gain a lot of wisdom about wisdom about yourself, but you must do the work to discover it.

With Pisces ruling this card, visions, psychic abilities, dreams, creativity etc., are all at their peak. Trust your intuition and explore these visions, dreams and creative sparks far and wide. The energy may veer towards being somewhat manic at times, that is why is it important you try and find a creative outlet to manage this effectively and avoid any big decisions for now. You are in the dark. The facts will slowly start trickling. It will be best to make decisions again when you have all the information. It is not unusual to find that the truth is the opposite of what you had assumed. This may be a positive or challenging thing to discover, but when it comes into the light you will be able to make solid and informed plans about moving forward.

If you are in a situation where you do have to make decisions, try not to make them when you are emotional. With the Moon in the wolf’s jaws and lots of water flowing through, it’s likely there will be a lot of fear, anxiety and uncertainty. If you have friends or family you trust, or even a psychologist or counselor, now would be a good time to seek out their support and opinions. While inner work is a solo journey, you don’t have to be alone the whole time to do it. In fact, knowing that you have love and support can make it a lot easier, especially when there might be times you are feeling lost.

With Pisces as its ruling sign, the Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. At its darkest this can be a very scary card warning of hidden enemies, mental illness, alcoholic blackouts or addiction. Although I do not subscribe to the link made between madness and art, in the tarot, The Moon suggests that you will be feeling particularly creative and psychic at present. Your dreams will be stronger than usual and you may even receive psychic visions. Expect some mental breakthroughs, astonishing creativity, powerful magic, and strong intuition.

Some people thrive under the darkness of the Moon and surrender quite easily to uncertainty. Other struggle with this place, and that is completely understandable. Because the energies can be quite wild, think about channeling your energy into something beautiful. Beauty can heal.

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