Daily Tarot Card Reading 1st of April 2017: Fox Medicine.


Fox Animal Medicine Card by Jamie Sams and David Carson. Artwork: Angela Werneke.

Last night I dreamed of fox. Naturally this morning the tarot card I pulled was fox medicine.

I often sleep with my tarot cards under my pillow and subsequently do a lot of tarot in my dreams, but I have been practicing lucid dreaming for a long time and do a lot of my magickal workings in my dreams.

Fox medicine is a medicine that has been with me for a long time however, last night’s dream contained new instructions and ways of working with fox that will be more public. A lot of witches keep aspects of the medicine they work with private for various reasons. Some of those reasons is because it is only for them, but it can also be that it is not the right time to bring the medicine into the world for others.

Now is the time to start consciously and openly working with fox medicine publicly. If anyone has questions about fox or animal medicine in general, my email and messenger are always open.

Fox, like most animals, is rich with symbolism, myth and magick around the globe. Primarily fox is known for oneness and camouflage. They can shapeshift and move unseen through forest, city and even across veils and dimensions. They use this skill to observe, learn, protect and guide others.

Fox is sometimes approached with caution. They are known for their humor and trickery. They are very cunning, wise and intelligent but are often painted as the joker. But the power of laughter is very real. Fox is often the one who can use humor to diffuse a heated and dangerous situation, keeping those around safe. It’s also true that fox uses the art of cunning to keeps its motives and intentions hidden, occasionally it will even trick people in and out of things but this doesn’t mean the fox has ill intent. The fox is a very protective totem, coupled with its ability to observe and know more than most animals, it can help guide people back on to their life path and align them with their purpose. This may mean they guide you into challenging places, but they know it is through challenges that we all grow. The fox will never leave you in times of need, they are loyal to a fault even if they are not always understood as so.

They are fantastic hunters and due to their painful history at the hands of man, they have become some of nature’s best survivors – strategic, resourceful and determined.

Like any animal they have their shadow-side. If you are thinking of working with fox, be sure to explore this aspect thoroughly. The animal totem medicine sessions that Pearl and I hold can help you explore just that.

Finally, if you are an artist, the fox is a fantastic familiar to have. Many famous and brilliant artists have had fox work with them including Stephanie Law and Vali Myers. Fox is overflowing with magick, passion, desire, determination, inspiration, and a splash of chaos along with hefty doses of wildness and freedom. They are hugely intelligent, are very open minded, wonderful listeners and know how to get shit done. They can not only help you with the act of creating art but also ensuring clear and constant communication with the muse. For some people, their muse takes on the form of the fox. If you feel the draw of the fox, and you’re an artist, it can be a fantastic blessing.

Nine-Tail Fox by Stephanie Law.
Foxy by Vali Myers
Sleeping Fox Gif

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