Free Three Card Tarot and Goddess Reading. 2nd April 2017

Aphrodite is the Goddess that is offering to work with you today. The deck I am working with is Jimmy Manton and Stacey Demarco’s Goddesses and Sirens, as such I will be drawing mt references largely from her interpretation as well as my own. In this case, they align well. Aphrodite’s history is rich with meaning and symbolism, but at the core of her tail is the importance of self love. It can be unhealthy to focus on romantic love, or even platonic love, with the aim of having it complete us. Building up a deep sense and solid foundation of self love not only brings abundant and lasting joy to your life, but can help you make wiser decisions in life and in love.

I have noticed a pattern in readings and the world of late in which people are moving through incredibly difficult and emotionally overwhelming times that has them feeling both deeply worried and like they want to pull away and isolate themselves. It is not unusual that with the change of season things get thrown into turmoil, whether you are moving into Spring or Autumn the winds are high and the weather is choppy. There is a lot of work to be done for the upcoming Summer or Winter but the body is still adjusting. It is often the time when people get colds or flu. However, it is not just the body that needs care, so does the mind, the heart and the spirit. Indeed, now might be a good time to make space in your day to practice some love and gratitude rituals – even if it is simply lighting a candle with intention or making a daily gratitude list (yes, these lists do really work.) If you feel like you have too much to do, make some of your tasks into moving meditations. For example, when having a shower, add some nice oils and wash your energy clean and focus on loving your body with every stroke. Or when cooking dinner, think of what each ingredient symbolizes and visualize baking in some love to your recipe. Whatever you do, making sure you are finding what makes you feel love by you is important now, and Aphrodite is there to support you.

A further two tarot cards were pulled to provide some further guidance as to how to work with Aphrodite’s energy. The first card was The Tower. Truths are coming to light that are shaking the foundations of your life and causing old beliefs, patterns of thinking, attachments, anything that doesn’t serve your growth or purpose, to fall away. This can be a painful, shocking and saddening process. Honor your feelings as they arise and work with Aphrodite to keep that self love alive even through this shake up. And remember, these are things that needed to fall away so that you can move on in time to build a brighter future built on solid foundations and without the lies you have been telling yourself, or the lies others have been telling you, weakening the foundations.

While you may be facing some opposition and feeling worn down, the end to this turmoil is near. You have the energy and will to get through this. And if you keep working on yourself and with the energy of Aphrodite, a greater sense of self love is just around the corner. But for now, trust yourself and be prepared to protect yourself by setting firm boundaries as you get through this fragile time. It is okay to set yourself as your priority until you feel more grounded again. You have a warrior’s heart and a wild spirit, let love be your ultimate strength and be generous with yourself. But remember, even as you keep your boundaries firm, be compassionate to those around you. A lot of people are moving through a difficult time at present.


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