Quick guide to grounding and protection.

Smudge stick
Smudge stick

Another theme that has been coming up for clients of late is the desire to protect and ground. Again, while it is normal to feel a bit of an energetic shake up at the turn of the seasons, it is equally as normal to crave some balance and protection at such times. However, the need I have been observing is desperate and at times dis-empowering.

You have the power to protect and ground you, in every moment of every day. You’ve got this.

Weaver Tarot does sell medicine bags, mojo bags, and spells etc. A new batch will be available soon. But in most cases, medicine bags are not needed. I will not suggest someone buy something or use a service if it’s not required. That would be as unethical as providing a false reading.

Generally, grounding and protection is something you can do quickly and easily using only what you have in your kitchen and garden. After all, historically, this is what most witches had access to and is what many aspects of our traditions derived from. Many witches you consult to this day steer away from too many exotic ingredients They are aware that what is close to hand is more often powerful enough.

First things first, it’s never wise to perform spells or rituals in a desperate state of mind. Sometimes timing isn’t always an option, but if you can try and center and calm yourself before doing any workings, you’ll have better results.

Grounding is as simple as going outside, standing barefoot on the earth, closing your eyes and imagining your energy extending down into the earth and cycling up back through you and out through your extended arms and the top of your head. Let the energy flow through you with each breath. Imagine love for the Earth going out and love from the Earth coming back in, filling you and grounding you in your body. Love your body. Remember to thank the Earth at the end and pull your energy back in. If you don’t feel up to this, pet an animal. Animals are wonderful for grounding.

Protection can be done with what is in your kitchen. All you need is some salt, rosemary, lavender and sage. Garlic also works but can be unpleasant to carry on you. If you are missing any of these items – don’t worry, even just one of the herbs or the salt alone works. If you have some sage to burn, smudging yourself to start with helps while at the same time envisioning a protective light around you will help enormously. Mix a pinch of the herbs and salt together, keeping in mind your intention for self protection, then put them in a small bag and carry them on you either in your bra or a pocket. Simple!

Remember: don’t use anything you are allergic to, always be safe with fire, and if in doubt Google. These are just general suggestions and it is up to you to apply common sense. If you have any questions, my email is always open!

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