Art and magick: Is it safe to have fun and play?

Vali Myers Dido

In short: yes.

There are many ways in which art and magick come together. Some people would argue art is a kind of magick and vice versa. I tend to agree with this view, but some artworks can be more magickal than others simply because of the intent put into them.

The reason I am writing this post is because I had a few discussions with artists, witches and art-witches over the course of this week about the NaNoWriMo 2017 prompt to write a small poem or piece of prose in the style of a magickal spell.

My answer to their questions was a simple: shit yeah. Why not?

First off, think of all the fantasy books out there that have spells in them? They are beautiful pieces of art. Plus, the idea of creating art after the tradition of witchcraft is a fantastic experiment.

Some people were concerned that by creating a piece of art in the shape of a spell that they may unwittingly be casting a spell or opening the door for something nasty to come through.

First off, these questions are coming from a place of fear. If you are feeling fearful, perhaps this task isn’t for you just yet.

Second, magick is about intention. If your intention is to create a beautiful piece of artwork, that is what the universe will work with you to create. But, if your purpose is to create a beautiful piece of artwork with magickal intention, then that is what the universe will work with you to create. Obviously, if you are doing the latter you would take the usual magickal precautions. But magick, like art, is about having fun as much as anything else. As long as you are grounding, cleansing and protecting yourself, don’t be afraid to experiment and never be afraid to ask questions of older witches you trust.

Go forward, get messy, create. It is the best way to learn.

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